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Bir defa düşün, iki defa düşün, dansı düşün 4, Think once, think twice, think dance 4
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Think Dance-4 is 6 weeks EVS project which gathers 30 volunteers from different countries for UNESCO 17.International Bodrum Dance Festival in may 2016. By this project we aim to increase awareness among young people on European Opportunities and increase the visibility of our festival in Europe.Social Media management,dance choreographies,short film making,photography,youth information are some of the background topics of our volunteers. and they will organize / attend activities regarding these subjects.Additionally they will have non formal learning training courses on subjects of inter cultural learning and event management. Volunteers will visit 9 villages of Bodrum and work at stands and do promotion of Dance festival and they will give information about Erasmus plus program and EVS program.Everyday at least one volunteer will work in our EVS office and we expect from volunteer to find similar cultural events those are taken place in his/her own city our country and create a contact list of possible future partners for following years.During the Dance Festival, there will be approximately 500 participants, dancers from 10 different countries and 1000 dancers from Turkey. We expect out volunteers to guide them and care about their possible needs by working in coordination with organizing committee.for long term period, we expect them to gain experience and write them in their youthpass and use it for their professional career in their future.That could be a positive effect of youth employement



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