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BIOTRANSF. Transfer of Methodology for Training about Bio-Mass Production and its Implementation.

BIOTRANSF was born from research developed by APROEMA. It showed that, whilst production of renewable energies is increasing, professional training is not adequate for the environmental industry's needs. It is too theoretical and teachers have little expertise. For these reasons, many SMEs have problems designing their own professional training plans. Focusing on these difficulties, APROEMA developed an action called: “Virtual Class: New energy sources” to respond to training needs in the renewable energies field. The objective of the project is to enhance and innovate training within the environmental sector, especially for professional women. It will transfer the results and innovation of the e-learning course on biomass production to other EU countries in order to improve professional training in biomass. It is prepared to respond to market needs and its methodology and innovative contents are perfectly transferable. To guarantee its efficiency, it will be adapted to each country’s context. The consortium is formed by 6 partners of 5 countries. It combines the experience of APROEMA (co-ordinator) in the environmental sector with the experience of BD Centre, EUROFORTIS and EDUCATIC in training consultancy, the experience of CLICTIC in ICT and RDA Northers Primoska as a regional development Agency. All partners will collaborate in the management of the project and the dissemination of results as well as adapting the contents to its own country’s context. Partners will create a Steering Group (SG) to follow the implementation of the project and its results, and a Management Committee will be held each semester. Besides this, partners will be constantly communicating by e-mail or telephone.To disseminate and exploit the results, there will be a project presentation seminar, 2 public workshops a handbook, contacts with associations and public entities, and material of dissemination. The project will also create a website in each country’s language to share information, results and experiences. This will help communication between partners and to disseminate results, even after the end of the project. BIOTRANSF will improve the training of professionals in the renewable energy sector, especially in Biomass, in order to promote its application at the local level. This training will help to increase the sustainability of the biomass and its application in Europe. It will also improve the employability of women in the renewable energy sector. It will help support the development of the renewable energy sector as an important sector for the future and as an alternative to other traditional economic sectors. It will help to make public bodies aware about the training needs in the renewable energy sector and to create an EU debate about this subject. Our project will contribute to increase the number of training actions in this sector and this increased awareness will help improve the fight against climate change.



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