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biotechnology in our life
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Biotechnology in our Life" is a project aiming for a combination of schools in Europe and science, companies and politics. In this compound, an exchange of professional contents in the science area of biotechnology and economical, political an ethical aspects. For many years living systems have been used for technical practice (e.g. brewing, microbiological waste water purification). Only for a few decades the enormous potential of biotechnology has been recognized. On a regular basis new applications and products are brought to the market. The awareness that, by transferring genetic material, interesting products can be "manufactured" in qualified production cells (e.g. human insulin, produced inside of bacteria), offers further possibilities. These genetic methods are equally admired as disregarded by the German society. Measured by the actuality and daily-life relevance of biotechnology the demand of explanation about backgrounds, methods, chances and risks of biotechnology is not sufficient.. We, the student's lab "teutolab-biotechnology" plus six more international schools wish to change that, as students have to position themselves concerning this subject. For one academic year, participating students work independently in national and international groups ( group puzzle) on interesting subjects on the area of white (industrial biotechnology ), red (medical biotechnology) green ( plant biotechnology) and grey (environmental biotechnology) biotechnolgy. The student groups are connected via eTwinning and network their tasks. Transnational cooperation and exchange of experiences take place at three conventions per academic year. The conventions are hosted by different countries in turns. Visiting biotechnological companies as well as the implementation of biotechnological experiments (e.g. in the student's lab teutolab-biotechnology or in the cooperating universities of foreign schools) are subject of the conventions just as reflection of bioethical questions. So it is not only the theoretical learning of a subject, but also critical analysis occurs. " Education does not only mean knowledge and qualification, but also orientation and power of judgment." (former Federal President of Germany Horst Köhler, September 2006). During the third convention an exhibition will take place, where the linked students' findings will be presented to the general public. This exhibitions will also offer a platform for discussion with experts from science, economy and politics. The project clarifies and sensitizes and creates a regional conscience in biotechnology and its main topic. Through points of contact, this raises students' and visitors' awareness for biotechnology in their region and generates interest for biotechnology as a whole. This interest will expand students' interest not only on a national level but also, through the exchange, internationally. Knowledge acquired in this context will be expanded from local and regional over to the national and international level. Through the acquisition of knowledge, the regional and cross-border network as well as the exchange imparts values which, due to contestation, triggers the acceptance of cultural way of thinking and statutory regulations. This leads to downsizing of fears and doubts and will be supported in discussions with the society ( from economy, science and politics). We believe that many aspects of biotechnology will be carried forward into the future, preparing our students for a rapidly changing world and workplace, alerting them to the fact that their local actions are important, and the fact that they too have a voice, and to the fact that many voices create a resounding echo.



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