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Biofarma- naše zamestnanie, naše poslanie!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project comes out from the connection of needs of disadvantaged young people (long-term unemployment, socially disadvantaged, disabled young ppl, with chronic diseases, etc.) to be integrated to the working process and the need of state administration to create new jobs. Current situation is insufficient in order to secure the fulfillment of those needs. The solution of the status quo could be the development of abilities, competencies and entrepreneurial mindset of the mentioned groups of young ppl in regard with longterm effor of the Slovak Republic to increase the ratio of agricultural and food production within the national economy. From the global point of view, this could lead to better competetivness of state and higher standard of living of the population.In the beginning of the project the group of 20 young ppl will be selected by the commission of all project partners. The criteria of the selection will be formal: high school education, knowledge of foreign languages and the most important is their personal motivation.The project is divided into two levels: theoretical and practical:Theoretical includes:-psychological tests targeted on personality characteristics. This would help them to know themselves better and more concretely and effectively focus their tasks and activities within the project and later their own business.-workshops where the participants will gain the overview of the current situation in the area of agriculture and food in Slovak Republic but also abroad. They will be trained to create their own business plan – which is also expected as an outcome of this part of training. The professional mentor of this part is the Slovak agricultural and food chamber. -lecture of the university expert in the field of marketing of products. This expert will teach how to make their own marketing strategy for products, how to get and maintain customers through the e-media and create own trademark.-innovative method of multilingual learning of two foreing languages neccessary during the communication with potential foreing business partners.Practical part is based on the direct work at the farm close to Nitra. The participant will work on the cultivation of biofarm which would be later used as a „training center- sheltered workshop“ for their future business plans.Very important part of the practical learning is the active participation of the foreign project partner from Czech Republic, which is very successful in running their own biofarm. In the firs part of the project, the group from SK will visit the biofarm in CZ. CZ partners will show the rest of project partners (PP) the exact methods of farming and ways of running of such a settlement. They will educate PP in the process of the production of agricultural products and their preparation for the market. The foreign partner will continue with the practical training of the participants in Slovakia by personal visits or support them by interactive teleconferences through the e-media.As the key tool for the project, the website will be created with the english language mutation. This web will contain all learning materials which could be used by all PP, space for online webinars, and the whole section of photo, video and written materials monitoring the implementation process of the project and its final results. This would be used by wide range of target groups.



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