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Bin Kültür, Bir Yaşam!
Date du début: 12 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 11 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Joining the way of people live their life in a democratic way is not only voting or running for offices. Joining movements and attempts mean having the rights, tools, locales, opportunities, and supports which are needed due to the conditions to influence these to create a better society. To get attendance of the youth of society, some tools should be given to them. And this includes providing training for youth to join the society life, supporting the youngs' projects, providing them pulpits, appreciating the youngs for they dedicate themselves to society cases and their voluntariness in this way. Our country is in a pretty good condition which has a large number of young people. Although 'Attendance of Young' is supported in recent days, we do not have a policy of youth in our constitution. Our project will take form around the question how people having differences from each other can live in respect by setting forth that democracy is a culture in which people have many differences, such as religion. On the other hand, youths, who are not in a condition which is good enough in economical, physical and social ways, have not opportunities to get know different cultures and interactions between cultures will be provided to get new and different experiences during the project. And our project will also overcome the prejudice of participants by highlighting that many different cultures on which have direct effects of democracy coexist. Activities of our project can be classified as "Workshops of Democracy and Cultural Diversity, Visits of History and Culture, Meetings with Local Managers and Politicians, and also Turkish, Greek and Romanian participants will discuss about their own countries' systems and how they have problems about participating to decision mechanisms, they will share their observations with the experts, they will be able to put into words about their criticisms and they will express the solution ways. Thanks to interaction and dialogues between the participants, they will help to figure the results out easier. In Mersin, we will bring 36 participants (4 of them are disabled) from Greece, Romania and Turkey together to realize our Democracy and Cultural Diversity Project. Having disabled participants in our project, having participants who have never participated to such youth projects or experienced such an international experience before, will help introduction of our country and our culture to have positive reflections nationally and internationally. During the project, the participants will be blocking xenophobia and this will be helping them being aware of the contribution of democracy into different cultures. Therefore, with the help of workshops, we will try to raise the awareness about the common problems of all humanity. We are expecting that the participants will spread the datum of this beneficial project.



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