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bilingualer Kindergarten Zwergennest
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The application range of the volunteers is the kindergarten Zwergennest in Ihlow-Riepe. The nursery has expanded its concept and already had good experiences with bilingual education. A European volunteers support us and works in an existing educational team. The activity should be based on the immersion, ie through the cooperation of a volunteer from a foreign space, the children should have the opportunity to receive the language and culture to learn about and understand. They also learn in other people empathize and be more open to other cultures. Children learn language by being converted into action, gestures and facial expressions. The tasks of the volunteers are: employment with the children, participating in actions to frame the topic, implement their own ideas through deals, projects. This put the volunteers to carry incorporating their language, culture and creativity. We take one volunteer for our project. The period of the voluntary service is at least 6 months to a maximum of 12 months. Our goals and activities include education, training and support of children aged 2-6 years. Our team consists of 12 teaching staff. The european volunteer will have the opportunity with this young pedagogical team. He / she gets the chance to implement their own ideas throughout their own cultural and national character and get to know another European language and culture. We want to give young people the opportunity to work with the children and make new linguistic and cultural experience at the same time. Through the attendance of volunteers we want to make the children understand that there are people from different european countries with different languages and cultures. Through this we strengthen the European consciousness of the children and the staff and of the volunteer. For our educational work with the children, the inclusion of volunteers is a great addition. The children get to know people with different cultures,what has a great impact an the development of their personality. The children are more open to other cultures and important values such as tolerance and acceptance are communicated to them. You will learn about other countries and be strengthened in their ability to empathize. The central theme of our project is creativity and culture. The children are challenged in their creativity and develop own ideas for implementation. The language is an important point in our project. The volunteer learns the typical regional dialect "Low German". Inclusion / equity: This is also an important issue in our project. Given the fact that we have different children from different countries as well as children with special needs, we would like to make sure that all children are equally accepted and treated the same. We have mixed age groups of 2-6 years as well as children with fewer opportunities. In addition, therapists work with us in the team.



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