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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Among the services of our institution that coordinate the special education and guidance activities, there is not only individual and group physicological consultation, but also consultation to families, seminars, different activities for the students and their parents, but also giving trainings about guidance and special education for administrators and teachers. According the results of self-asseessments that we did in our institution; our weak sides are insufficiency of the numbers and productivity about the intended family education, poorness in in-service education in the field of guidance and special education. However, our priorities are; improving the qualification of our teachers, increasing the productivities and developing the qualities of our speacial education workings. This project has been prepared for increasing the skills and abilities of our staff and it is also prepared for minimizing our weak sides and turning them to our strong sides. In 2013 we prepared a project, named ‘’Engeller Aşılsın’’, that was supported by our Family and Social Policy Ministry with the programme of supporting the disabled children. For this project we searched for disabled children in Erbaa and in the villages of Erbaa. We found some disabled children and implemented some surveys to their families. This survey for disabled children and the results of the surveys showed us that ,especially in the villages of Erbaa, an important family education is the key point. Our six special education teachers and physchological consultant gave some courses to their family about education of the disabled children in Germany for five days and they aimed to increase their family’s knowledge, abilities and skills about disabled children’s education. With our project : - The development parents are going to embrace their children. - The parents are going to have maximum information about the rights and services of disabled children that given by the government as a law. - The parents are going to be informed about the child caring and they are going to change their wrong styles about child caring. - The parents are going to be able to help their children easily - The families are going to be included in disabled children’s education and their homes are going to be an education environment itself. - The families are going to have enough information about looking after or educating the disabled children. With supporting family education in a house or in a close environment the relationships are going to be healthier and it’s going to be more benefical for children’s.It’s important to consolidate the disabled children’s skills and abilities , they benefit from the special eduaction, at home with the good family relationships. With this project parents are going to be informed about; the changings in a disabled child’s development, the methods to give them skills and abilities, the methods to overcome the attitudes of society, and the methods to overcome stress. After getting more information and experiences; booklets about family education and brochures about the rights of the disabled children are going to be prepared. For those families and volunteers group family counsultation is going to be given by our physicological counsultants regularly. Other teachers and physicological counsultants in our environment are going to be given seminars about the gained information and experiences. To be an example for other guidance institutions and other Civil Society Establisments our project working is going to be told to these institutions and establisments and similar workings are going to be repeated. In the process of our project the families are going to get the education of disabled children and they are going to share their information with other families and with this our project is going to be spreaded in wide areas. All these families are going to contribute disabled children to take part effectively in social life. With this project parents are going to have conciousness that schools are the very impotant parts of special education and school-family coordination is going to be built strongly.