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Bildungskonferenz "Education & ICT - Where do Teachers Go?"
Date du début: 9 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 8 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Participation in Eco Media's 10th Thematic Education Conference(reference number 225916-CP-1-2005-1-AT-Comenius-C3) in Zagreb, Croatia in November 2015:"Education & ICt-Where do Teachers go?" The central theme of the conference will be to get current information about the stage of development in ICT-field in different coutries and school systems. Another theme is the international exchanges of experiences -and the use of several networks//methodic-didactic suggestions to rise the quality of lessons//increasing the existing ICT-competence of pupils and teachers//local participants should contribute as a multiplier in school and educational area// Central issues are:*Education and ICT- development in future *To learn about new ways in the range of e-learning and how to use the e-competence in educational area in Asia,Croatia and Slovenia. * The usage of communicative media (smartphone,iPads) and projectors in school *The usage of e-learning-platform and eTwinning-platform during the lessons to communicate/discuss with federal and international education institutes. *Girls and ICT *Games for the domain of "Social network". The main focus is to document the Europe-wide and connected to reality areas in which participants really want to get involved. In schools a rapid development process in the use of modern communication technologies is noticeable(some examples would be: mobile phones, eTwinning, online resources, TwinSpace). It will therefore be necessary for teaching professionals to engage critically with new developments, as well as develop familiarity with how they can be used in an educational context. Of particular importance will be that young people have their competencies strengthened in: *national and international networking *competitiveness within the EU *foreign language learning *familiarity with foreign educational systems *awareness of broader horizons *greater tolerance *personality development. One new aspect of knowledge transfer for me is "Toolkit Game Based Learning". While working through this theme I experienced that the usage of possible applications of digital games (commercial, Serious Games, as well as non-games such as Scratch) was evaluated in the last few years in Austrian schools. The aim: create one uniform platform in which evaluated teaching units are accessible and can be used immediately. Teachers become designers of learning and create their own case studies/examples. Since sociaty`s attitude remains that schools should use teachers at the front of the class, independent homework, group work and exercise books,certain modern technologies for teaching material do not yet hold the same value in the eyes of adults. I can easily imagine that, by using these new educational techniques, we teachers could earn real brownie points among our students. By integrating game-like elements it should be possible to increase motivation among students. Studies have already shown that such techniques can lead to a significant improvement in motivation and learning success among users. The aim is to improve motivation for learners, or help them develop desirable behaviour patterns.They should learn to develop independence and decision-making skills, as well as to provide help in problem solving. It should help to make normally dull tasks more satisfying to perform. The ability to complete tasks in pairs or teams will develop not only competence in the skill itself but also in teamwork-the value if wich can be demonstrated to students directly. Working together helps create a class community-encouraging friendships, and more personal resolution of conflicts. I am convinced that my participating in this educational conference could lead to definite improvement in performance for the students at our innovative school. I would also be able to bring back new ideas from the ICT-field to my colleagues, which would help motivate them to adopt these in their work. When teachers and students are motivated and inspired, this carries over to students on an individual level in both the short and the long term, which helps our school improve its regional and national standing.