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Big hands help little hands
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Venue: Vienna, Dates 1.9.2015-30.6.2016 Countries involved: Hungary,France, Estonia, Greece, Finland, Austria, Sending partner Concordia France, Allianssi, Citizens in Action, Fekete Sereg, EstYes Coordinator Grenzenlos Austria, Host organisation Kindergruppe Amerlinghaus Kindergarten BOKU Kindergruppe Farbklecks Kindergruppe Butterbrot Kindergruppe Teddybär Within the project “Big hands help little hands” 5 private child care institutions in Vienna (Kindergruppe Amerlinghaus Kindergarten BOKU,Kindergruppe Farbklecks, Kindergruppe Butterbrot. Kindergruppe Teddybär) will host 5 EVS volunteers. Through the cooperation within the project we hope to support the connection between the EVS volunteers as well as within the 5 child care institutions in order to show possibilities on how to involve an EVS volunteer within similiar volunteering contexts. The main objectives for all involved organizations: + get new inputs on how to involve EVS volunteers + broaden the organisational horizon + receive intercultural and foreign language input through hosting an European volunteer + Stregthen partnerships through a concrete EVS activity + to strengthen partnerships among the involved organisations +create a joyful learning space for children and volunteers + support and give recognition to child care institutions +promote volunteering as an added value within society The general learning outcomes for volunteers of the project is + to develop Social and Civic competences, such as team work, empathy, especially competences related with the relation with other people, about living together, about discovering themselves in different context. + to promote cultural awareness through international exchange and through the exchange with other EVS volunteers + to discover the educational system in Austria through volunteering in private child care institutions +better understanding of the educational and developmental needs of children in the age of 1,5-6 years and better understanding of specific children’s needs and an ability to respond to them individually +to improve their organizational and teamwork skills as a result of a close co-operation with the team members and being part of team meetings + to gain a better geographical, political and social knowledge ofAustria and Vienna specifically +Organizational and group-management skills developed through planning and supervising trips and little activities for children +Creative skills – boosted by the direct interaction with children playing freely and spontaneously as well as through the opportunity to prepare workshops and games for the children +Entrepreneurship through offering own activities depending on the personality oft he volunteer to the kids Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own ideas into their host projects but also to the MELANGE activities. They will have to create, plan and evaluate an activity on their own + Living in Austria with the support of the German classes will give the participants the chance to increase their competences in foreign languages, specially German, but also the languages of other volunteers, the clients of the projects and English. +to develop own “Learning to learn” competences. The project is coordinated by Grenzenlos within the frame of the MELANGE Programme. The MELANGE program is the EVS in Vienna in close cooperation with wienXtra in behalf of the city of Vienna. Within the program the volunteers and host projects are supported and connected in order to get to know each other, share experiences and - simply - to have an enriching time. Within Melange several free time activities and cultural events for current and former EVS volunteers are organized by Grenzenlos



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