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Bialscy technicy na europejskim rynku pracy
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project ‘Students from Biała Rawska on the European labour market’ will be attended by students of 4-year technical school, 5 students of Gardening technical school, 7 students of IT technical school, and 8 students of Economic technical school. For those students a 4-week-long traineeship will be organized in Italian gardening companies, while students from economic and information technology technical school will do the traineeship in IT companies and financial institutions, accounting offices in Italy. Foreign traineeship will provide young people with new skills and working knowledge of the horticultural industry, information technology, and economics. The aim of the project is to seek future employment on the international labour market. The project aims to offer learning opportunities in the EU countries as well as create awareness of the process of acquiring knowledge, not only in school; show the possibility of using existing skills and qualifications in the future professional life not only in Polish, but also the European labour market. Preparing for the efficient and professional execution of professional tasks in terms of the European economy. Improving communication skills in effective communicating at the professional, cultural fields, as well as in everyday life. Developing entrepreneurial attitudes conducive to job mobility and the possibility of rapid retraining. Gaining new experience and wider employment prospects. Understanding the principles of work organization in enterprises outside Polish borders. Understanding the principles of operation of enterprises in the European Union. Our town is situated in central Poland between Lodz and Warsaw. Many foreign companies look for skilled workers with foreign professional practice, therefore, our technicians have great opportunities to find attractive jobs outside Poland as well as in foreign companies operating in Lodz and Warsaw. The traineeship will enable students to improve the level of foreign language proficiency, but also obtain the necessary knowledge to start future work in international companies in Poland. Students of gardening will be able to learn the rules of operation of horticultural farms, methods of cultivation, the rules for crop storage and sales. The experience gained during the traineeship will be applied in students own horticultural farms which will contribute to improving the quality of horticultural production and the modernization of farms of young gardeners. Students of Economic, Information Technology and Gardening technical school will leave for traineeship to Italy on 1st June 2016. The traineeship will last to 30th June 2016.



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