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Beyond and "Louder than" Words
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims at introducing more innovative approaches thus providing more attractive education and training programmes both new and/or improved, in line with expectations and needs, to cater for the needs of disadvantaged groups and to deal with social, linguistic and cultural diversity. At the same time, through CLIM and other inclusion-based methodologies, it gives the opportunity to foster high-performer students' motivation. What's more, on a school level, it would have a great impact on strategic planning or professional development for staff in line with individual needs and organizational objectives. It would also increase management competences, internationalization strategies, reinforce cooperation with other European partners. A surprising experience from previous transnational cooperations was learning even more about one's practise than about the other's. Therefore we believe that mirroring practises and studying new methodologies through different European perspectives is a strong instrument and value in our effort to improve and enrich teaching methods and students' learning outcome. Furthermore, methodologies will be studied at conferences and carried out at students camps during the meetings. Feedback from students will be prompt and useful for teachers when implementing the methodology at their own school and modifying to their own curriculum. The activities included in this project will help us make a programme and realise the following objectives: - listen to young people's views and provide opportunities for them to have their say about the school; - establish positive and respectful relationships between young people and supportive teachers; - build teamwork and cooperation between students; - set fair rules and expectations which are consistently applied; - encourage young people to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour, focus on both "low self-esteem" and "high-performer" students. The participating Institutions consider this partnership will enforce the European dimension and cooperation among the countries and will develop the capacity to perform team work, planning and doing joint activities. The project will enhance pupils' experiences of modern and future communication technologies through a series of intercultural dialogue exchanges on platforms where they will be given opportunities to see that distance is no longer a barrier to effective and immediate communication.



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