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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A process of self-evaluation has been carried out in our school since the fall of 2015, during which the biggest problems and shortcomings of our institution surfaced, as well as possible solutions. After the SWOT analysis was conducted among the members of the Quality Team, who carried out the process of self-evaluation, but also our students, parents and teachers, it became clear that the educational process in our school was far from what it should be in the 21. century or in the age of computerization. The prevailing teaching method is frontal teaching, the acquisition and pure reproduction of facts. There is insufficient use of modern technologies because there is no systematic training of teachers to use it meaningfully in the classroom. Students, parents and teachers suggested ways of improving the current situation such as better teacher training, the inclusion of students as active participants in the learning process, work on projects through which we would collaborate with various institutions in our country and abroad. Therefore, the teachers responded to the invitation of the Agency for mobility and participated in their seminar and after they had gathered all the necessary information decided to start with the project for teacher mobility. After two teacher/staff meetings where everyone was clearly informed of mobility took place, the interested teachers applied and a team of ten teachers was created. The team includes representatives from all areas taught at our school - math and physics, biology, chemistry, foreign languages, history and geography, mother tongue and physical education. All of those teachers volunteered themselves to participate in the project because they want to improve the quality of teaching, motivate students, put the competences important for life in the center of the education process and increase the overall success of students. Our primary goal is to modernize teaching methods and supplementary objectives are to improve the quality of education, better motivation and satisfaction of students and their preparation for lifelong learning.The activities we want to achieve our goals with are organized seminars in other European countries (Germany, Portugal, Iceland, United Kingdom, Finland and Slovenia) regarding different methods of teaching, or the methods of teaching are one segment of these courses. Through eTwinning portal we found a partner school in Sweden for a Job Shadowing activity we intend to use later for K2 strategic partnership.Our mobility extends a time frame of 13 months, which does not include the process of dissemination which we thoroughly elaborated.All the mobility participants are experienced teachers with 10 and 20 years of experience in teaching who want to improve their work and share experiences and knowledge with colleagues, respond adequately to the new goals of education and the needs of new generations. Despite the continuous professional development in our country, there is a need to expand the perspective, opening our school to external partners and active involvement of our institution in the European events.Before we defined the goals of your project, we had had a very complex analysis of our needs and came to the conclusion that these are our priorities:- A shift from local and national perspective to a broader, European perspective, which offers the possibility of new insights and new solutions and methods applicable to everyday work with students- Become a part of the community of those European teachers who wish to reflect on the quality of education and make contacts that will be useful for future projects- Get to know new educational systems and learn to use new teaching methods.The impact on participants in mobility will be primarily in the fact that they will have the opportunity to actively use English language and will be able to get acquainted with the other participants and the different cultures from which they come, as well as culture and education system of the host country.As for the impact on the school itself, it will be visible in the changes that will be introduced into their teaching. On the presentation lessons that we intend to have, we will demonstrate the use of ICT, encouraging self-regulated learning in students, teaching that includes critical thinking, using presentation and oratory skills and a number of other methods of teaching with which students acquire knowledge by learning actively. This will empower students and enable them to take control of their own learning,making them the subject and not the object of the learning/teaching process. Upon the completion of the project we will verify our results in the same way we started - by SWOT analysis conducted on students, parents and teachers to determine which are the positive changes that occurred as a result of mobility, such as the use of ICT, encouraging creativity and critical thinking in teaching, collaborative learning.



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