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Better Food 4 Better Life
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Better Food 4 Better Life" comes from the idea of encouraging the participation of young people who live in rural areas, giving them the opportunity to broaden their horizons, experiencing an European “adventure” and at the same time an educational experience, otherwise away from their daily reality. The theme on which they are called to reflect and discuss is about nutrition education, an increasingly important topic, for the youth universe The objectives of this short trip intercultural are: To promote to the participants and the host community, a greater awareness of the European identity and cultures that are rooted in it, To encourage the participation of local youth programs sponsored by the European Union, To foster awareness of the Erasmus Programme +, To promote the cultural "contamination" within the host community, To offer insights on some risk factors of eating behaviors inadequate, To sensitize participants to proper nutrition, Knowing the production processes and places of production of some foods, To discover the traditions and crafts of the campaign, To stimulate feelings of tolerance and mutual learning, for all those who for various reasons will be involved in the project. For this purpose, the methodology used is interactive, based on action research, motivating. To achieve the objectives proposed, the project proposes a program of activities involving "thematic sessions" and "pratical sessions". Key activities of the project are: Atività '1 Introductory Session Practical session: Crossing Cultural ACTIVITY '2 Session Topics: Food And Sensations ACTIVITY '3 Thematic Session: The Food And History Practical session: The Educational Farm ACTIVITY '4 Thematic Session: Hear, Understand, Eating Practical session: Lab Bakery Atività '5 Initiative playful ACTIVITY '6 Thematic Session: The Mediterranean Diet SESSION practice: from olive to olive oil ACTIVITY '7 Cultural visit Practical session: Biodynamic Farm ACTIVITY '8 Session: Conclusions, Evaluation and Future common projects In addition to these activities specifically related to the main theme, are also planned a series of activities, such as sets of ice breaking, reflection groups, intercultural moments of fun, games organized by groups-Country. From the educational point of view, the project will have the effect of raising the awareness of participants concerning mental and physical health, the environment and the rational use of resources. Moreover, compared to the intercultural dimension, every young will have the opportunity to work in a broader context, in which will learn the importance of knowledge of the English language, the importance and the value of being a European citizen, acquiring relevant information on the European Union and the European program for young people. Regarding partecipanati, the project will impact on the following dimensions: 1 Intercultural Learning. 2 Understanding and mutual aid, 3. Acquisition of new skills and personal development of participants. 4. Growth of the growth of skills and personal development of participants Particularly significant will be the impact on the local community, guaranteed by the many opportunities for interaction of the Group of project with the community, which will favor the extension of the benefits generated by the project, also to young people who do not participate directly. Finally, the dissemination of results, material products and their visibility is a horizontal action across the entire project and will be guaranteed by: The publication of "electronic newspaper" produced by the participants at the end of the exchange, and published on the website of the City and the partner organization that will be disseminated through the network of the two organizations. The magazine will also contain the photographic documentation produced by the "reporter group" during the course of the exchange, Communication actions targeted on the territory; through notices at schools to inform students and teachers about the results of the exchange, Through press releases through television and local newspapers, which in particular: the "newspaper of Brescia" and the newspaper "Brescia today" and the magazine of the town that will reach all families living in the area, With the final report of the project that will be disclosed at the centers of services for young people; With the web page that will be created as one of the agreed results of the project. With the creation of the Facebook page dedicated to the exchange (this will be implemented starting from the preparatory phase).



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