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Better Environment Better Future
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Humankind has great responsibility on environment. The most valuable heritage to the next generation is leaving them a clean, green and liveable world. In the last century, environment has used loutishly and unconsciously. People’s indifference and irresponsibility to the environment make it dirty and natural sources have been decreasing day by day. Among many environmental problems, the most serious and threatening our future are; environmental and air pollution, depletion of natural resources, and lack of recycle and reuse. European Commission’s 7th Action Programme to 2020 published in March 2015 emphasises clean air and water, recycle, reuse and sustainability of resource efficiency. To decrease and solve these problems and have more responsible individuals, promoting environmental awareness at school years is an effective way to create environmentally-conscious citizens. Our project aim is to raise interest on environmental problems among students, teachers and parents with the activities in and out of the school and other people with transnational meeting activities. We have three main steps: First, We attract our students’ attention on environmental issues. Environmental issues and project activities will be included in the curriculum and monthly implementation activities at schools. Second, we will do various activities for better environment such as planting trees, workshops, organizing open to public activities such as Walk, Critical Mass, and celebration international days, competitions shooting film, documentary or public service ads to raise awareness on environmental problems. In the last step, we will enhance our students and the community’s ability to act responsibly for a sustainable future. For this step, we will prepare leaflets, infographics, public interviews and polls, and organize contests by integrating many people from all age and profession group. Additional to these; we will do extra cultural activities to learn more about our partners and overcome the prejudices, raise cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity among students. We will also provide a training for e-safety and secure internet use for the students. Active study language will be English in this project. All developed materials will be translated into English and students will have the opportunity to improve their English. Students will actively involve in all project activities. They plan and implement the activities and teachers will be their guide. Students work cooperatively during learning/teaching/training activities for workshops, social responsibility activities and creating project forests, and teachers will discuss, evaluate, and plan project activities and road map. All activities and products created during this project are going to be published on school Project Corner Walls, Project websites, Project Facebook Page, School magazines, leaflets, yearbook, local newspapers, and local TV channels. We will have concrete products such as memorial mini forest, toys, objects, and souvenirs made by waste materials, brochures, posters, yearbook, films or documentaries and recycle bins for dissemination of our project At the end of this project especially students and then local people will aware of the problems of environment they will be more environment-friendly individuals. With the activities and public service ads local people also realize the environmental degradation, problems and solutions. In medium term programme, the significant problems of partner cities/towns (pollution, deforestation, recycle, reuse) will be decreased. In long term, partner countries will have memorial forests and greener and cleaner environment, responsible individuals, a good friendship and work together for further partnerships.



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