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Better education, skills and trainings (Boljše izobraževanje, spretnosti in praksa)
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project BEST (Better education, skills and training) is a logical continuation of Life Long Learning Programmes, which have been organised for the mobility of students, staff and transfer of good practices among our European partner schools from Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Spain. The Upper-Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and technical Gymnasium has been participating in many EU projects which are the basis of developing partnerships among schools and companies from the computer and electrical engineering field of expertise. Our students need support in acquisition of competences (professional skills within professional orientation and learning outcomes for six qualifications: automated systems technician, electrical systems technician, multimedia operator, electrical power technician, communication systems operator and programmer). We would like our students to gain knowledge, skills and competnces in the areas where the proper equipment is not possible for a school to provide. The machinery and hardware in the field of automated systems development is too expensive and massive and the professional skills can be acquired in a professional environment only. The programing of microcontrollers, embedded systems, programming languages, software packages and multimedia systems services (Installing audio input devices, Installing microphones and loud speakers), preparation of different events are best learnt in authentic environments, hence the need for practical approach in companies dealing with such knowledge and equipment. Such competences include teamwork, support of mentors and tutors in companies. Since the staff must be constantly improving the professional skills based on the rapid industry development, enhancing employability of students, the mobility of staff, development of a close partnership among the partners in education and job shadowing are absolutely necessary for the staff in our partner schools and companies. At the same time mentors in the companies observe, supervise and better criteria for students to be assessed according to the EQF and marked according to the Slovenian credit system and ECVET. The learning agreements and learning outcomes of participating students are constantly checked and adapted to the needs of the companies. The partner schools signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2013. The partners agreed to exchange students and staff among our schools, provide companies to enhance the professional skills and competences of students, improve the staff knowledge of the newest technologies, transfer improved skills and knowledge of participants into improving the school curricula, personal and professional and employability of the participants in the European labour market. As a school we cannot provide equal equipment for the students to use during their practical period (72 lessons in 4 years) and their practical approach is too academic for the labour market and the later studies, which are the final goal of most of our students. Learning agreements, which are carefully prepared for each participant (by teachers and mentors in companies) with the clear goal to offer students more possibilities in developing competences in authentic learning environment for a longer period than necessary (3-weeks). The industry and students are best served in constant contact trough out the learning period on an international level. We cannot offer equal learning outcomes to the participants without having checked the quality of our education in the European framework for which the alliance of the partner schools and teams of teachers from each school are organised. At the same time students and staff gain confidence, develop their language skills and stay in constant touch with their future employers. This illegible activities will also serve as the basis for the quality raise of the schools involved, especially in cooperation with the national institutes of education and vocational training (ECVET SLO national team), Chamber of Commerce for the development of entrepreneurship among our students. We expect our students to be future developers of the industry, bare sustainable results in providing their own employment, cooperate on the basis of their learning outcomes, have better chances of getting employment through our Europe.


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