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Betriebspraktika und Lernaufenthalte im Ausland
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a united Europe aspects such as experiences across the continent and the knowledge of foreign languages becomes more and more important and evident. The Louis-Baare-Berufskolleg is a vocational school/college where pupils complete their apprentice-ships or obtain other educational qualifications. As a so-called "Europaschule" we account for this development.While doing their work placements and studies as part of the project the selected students gain the above mentioned competences. These competences cover the needs of the German economy on a global market. The selected participants provide their linguistic and technical skills to the internship company. The successful achievement of everyday work in a company as well as the process of gaining knowledge abroad strenghtens their self confidence. Moreover they learn more about different working methods and mentalities. Through this the students enhance their career prospects within the European Union. Furthermore making positive experiences beyond national borders and also making new friends in other countries reduces prejudices, stereotypes and fears.Overall 59 students will participate in the programme. Before their stays abroad all students will be prepared for their placements and studies. This includes practical support concerning the organization locally (the booking of flights, accommodation etc.). They will either be accompanied by a teacher or supported via e-mail or telephone. Besides it is planned to visit as many of them as possible.Subsequent to the placements/project there will be internal school sessions where the students pass on their experiences to potential candidates in the following year. Reports will be published both on our homepage and in the local newspaper. Another part of the project concentrates on the professional and personal development of our school's teachers. Six teachers will have the chance to spend some time abroad doing teacher training courses according to their won interests and the school's needs.With regard to the European strategy of our vocational college mobility projects play a very important role: They are part of the various activities and measures in the areas of teaching, especially foreign language teaching, teacher training and school events.



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