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Berufspraktika in Europa
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The students of the HLT in Bad Leonfelden are obliged to take part in an annual vocational placement in the Tourism sector alongside their studies. This placement can either be at home or abroad. This year’s project allowed students to do their tourist placement abroad. In doing this project, students have done their placement in different European countries, namely Germany, France, Iceland, Netherlands and Spain. The students worked between June and September 2015 in the target country in various hotels and restaurants in the kitchen, in service and at the reception in order to collect more experiences in the field of Gastronomy, Hotel and Tourism. All together 26 students from 8 different classes took part in the Erasmus project. An international work experience in the field of tourism is very important nowadays. The project made it possible for future Austrian tourism workers to achieve a higher qualification. Furthermore, the aim of the project was to improve the versatility of the students in the whole of the EU. The students learned new skills in the kitchen and service and improved their foreign language ability. The experience of a placement abroad should have this effect, that the participants deal with foreign cultures in an open way and they are willing to work abroad having attended school. A placement abroad is especially desirable in tourism and it has become indispensable due to an increasing internationalisation. The Austrian standard of education is internationally recognised and must be maintained and further improved in the future.



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