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Beruflichkeit Bleibt (im) Zentrum (unserer) Schulischen Leistungsfähigkeit (BBZ SL)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project "Beruflichkeit Bleibt (im) Zentrum (unserer) Schulischen Leistungsfähigkeit (BBZ SL)" (translation: Vocational Identity at the Centre of our Academic Achievement") describes the core of our successful (German) dual Vocational Education and Training (VET) System. We don't (have to) hide from the purely academic (general) education system. Rather, we emphasize our vocational background. Because our core value is our vocational identity it makes us very strong in offering useful qualifications for our students that suit the demands of our labour market. We also allow our staff a deep insight into other European VET systems. We are planning two kinds of activities that reflect on the topics chosen: related to topic 1. Teach and Learn Foreign Languages: Sending out language teachers to the places, where the language is spoken. Mainly we are planning to send our modern language teachers to official European training courses. But we also want to offer opportunities to teach at our partner schools. related to topic 2. Innovative Curricula / pedagogical Methods / Development of Teaching Courses and related to topic 3. Institutions and / or Methods to Enhance Quality (incl. School Development): In essence we want to offer our participants "Teaching Observations" or "Job-Shadowings" at our partner schools and if possible even teach at our partner colleges (if possible, concerning the language). We want to learn from our partners what other / new processes we could take home and adapt. But we are also interested in finding and adapting new structures and maybe even introduce new training courses. By doing so, we use the skills of our participants to fullfill our guidelines: "Our VISON is: We are THE authority of competence in our region and enable qualifications for life and work. Our MISSION is: We shape an education that transports key competences for an ever-changing working life. That means: We demand from our students to work on their competences and also promote our students adequately and individually." Well-trained staff are motivated to teach (very well) and also motivate their students to partake in our European projects. Therefore, we promote the will to be mobile in working life, since our students may need to move to places with more opportunities after their successful training. Last but not least, we at BBZ Schleswig are highly interested in becoming a European school (



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