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Benchmarking si inovare pentru programele de formare prin Casa Corpului Didactic Alba
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our institution has not enough experience how today's key competences, such as 21st century skills, could be taught to students, how work is organized in schools and what the up-to-date learning premises might look like. Our institution wants to improve the quality of teaching, studying and learning processes in our institution, to develop our work organization better and to explore how classrooms are or should be organized. Our institution wants to achieve a higher level of competences for school staff. Our institution want to learn form innovative and educational systems in Finland and Europe. Our institution therefore needs (more) qualified staff that can: • develop – together with the board members - a vision and chapters in school policy plan on innovation • organise and advance in-house training in important pedagogical and technological issues • arrange different activities with stakeholders, such as schools, local enterprises, municipality Benchmarking is important because the schools are changing from the use of non-digital to digital learning methods and devices. They are challenged by a great deal of new demands. The course help schools to innovate their teaching, studying and learning processes and to develop their working organizations. Benchmarking means steps forward in your thinking, professional skills and attitudes. You get better idea about your European colleagues, and you improve your general and specific teaching skills. And you may also have a better understanding of ethical, social and political responsibilities of education. Benchmarking courses are there not only to raise the quality of schools but also to give more self-esteem to teachers and other educational staff. Benchmarking is a win-win approach to schools in all countries where this kind of bi- or multilateral collaboration is taken into action. The course help schools to innovate their teaching, studying and learning processes and to develop their working organizations. The course include visits to schools and to other educational institutions where participation in true learning situations is going to fresh up your professional skills. Hands-on workshops help you to digest, reflect and restructure the large amount of input you get during the course. The collaborative work is prepared, executed, assessed and diagnosed in cooperation with your colleagues,with local trainers and with experts of Euneos. Course participants from our institution will participate in activities, at the workshops, discussions and will achieve intellectual products proposed by the organizers. Upon returning to the institution participants will apply the knowledge and skills acquired and will address innovative methods in specific activities. Participants will inform and disseminate information about the courses, about the project and its results at the institution leval, the local community level and the school community level. The project will have a significant impact on the participants and institution. The project will also contribute to increasing the European dimension of the institution and the development of future partnership projects Erasmus +.



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