Rechercher des projets européens

Ben de Varım
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Inclusive education which is carried out in order to ensure integration in education at the present time aims to be able to maximise their development and address their needs in the most concordant way after having been identified the handicapped's inability. In this way, special needs people will integrate with society and social life will be reacher. Inclusive education is carried out in our school so that our 18 special needs students will gain access to education equally like their peers with normal development as well as contributing to social integration. However, our school managemet staff and teachers having graduated without receiving any pedagogical education in special needs children and beginning their academic career do not have enough knowledge and competence in inclusive education. Thus, a project need which will enable the school managemet staff and teachers make up this deficiency and carry our instutition to international platform has come forward.The aims of this project which we will run under the name called "Count me In" are both to provide a gradual improvement in inclusive education by integrating personal and professional competences into our school the participants will acquire as well as increasing their linguistic and cultural accumulation and to open the gates of modernisation and internationalisation to our school.1 teacher from school management, 1 school counselor, 1 branch teacher to Italy, 4 branch teachers to Spain, 3 branch teachers to England, 3 branch teachers to the Czech Republic and thus, in total 13 teachers will be participants in this project.Our teachers as potential participants, ranging between 23 and 45 have never took place in international project so far except for two teachers. The teachers who are aware of benefits of this project on themselves, our school, students and environment, understanding needs and aims of the project very well, open to sharing and innovation, having good communication skills, active and energic, being attured to multiculturalism will be chosen as a participant according to election criterions and method we have determined. The teachers will have competences in accordance with our needs by participating the training activities-"Special Needs Children-How to address their needs" in Spain, "Special Needs Children" in the Czech Republic, "Special Needs and Learning Disabilities: How to deal with them? Therotical and Practical Experiences" in Italy and "Special Education Classroom: Effective Strategies and Productive Learning Environment" in England.A project execution commission consisting of a project coordinator, a project vice coordinator, a tarvelling coordinator, a budget coordinator, two training coordinators and two monitoring and evaluation coordinators which will be selected among the participants will be founded in order to run and complete the activities smoothly. All activities before, during and after the project will be conducted by relevant coordinators. Within this framework, a protocol will be signed by relevant coordinators and the duties and responsibilities will be notified in written.The training activities will use methodogical approaches like project-based learning, task-based learning, problem-solving learning activities, workshops, role-playing, group works, brainstorming and provide knowledge, competence, certificate, school trips, different methods, techniques with us in order to address our school needs for special needs students.The training activities we have mentioned create chances to have great knowledge of European culture, meet colleagues from different European countries, thus knowing their educational system and encouare us for joining internatioanal project by keeping in touch with them.Our success in inclusive education will also enable our students with normal development realise the individual needs they have as well as conributing to our special needs students. Thus, they will put themselves into someone's shoes and develop empathy. Our project, in this context, will contribute to social integration and developing sense of community.