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Bedensel Engelli Gençlerin Topluma Entegrasyonunda Sosyal Hizmet Sunumu Projesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Background , Context , Objectives According to Turkey Disability Research , there are 1.772.315 disabled people (%12.32 of total population) 857.631 physical disabled people in our country. This statistic shows that six persons of every 100 people are physical disabled in Turkey. In spite of these numbers , you can’t see disabled people too much in social life. The main reason is that there are too much problems in disabled people’s participation in social life. With the help of European Disability Strategy , in EU countries, services towards disabled are listed 8 basic titles; accessibility, participation, equality , employment , education and training , social protection , health and external actions. Social habitats have been created , employment areas have been created, sport, art-cultural activities have been organized for disabled people. As a result, disabled people have turned into self confident, sporty, culturally succesful persons. On the other hand, disabled people carry on their life hard because of lack of accessibility, inappropriate social habitats etc. in our country. The most affected ones are young physical disabled people. Young disabled people close themself to their homes because of the anxiety of inability to make friends, ashamed of their disability, feeling inadequate etc. The aim of the Project , catching the Europe standart in servicing towards the young disabled people , is to improve the service quality. At the end of the Project , participants will be having knowledge and ability in servicing at the Europe standarts and will be innovative , servicing to the “participation and equality” areas of European Disability Strategy and producing strategies for disabled people. Project Methodology Project Strategy is based on that authority representatives and personels who work in services for disabled people analyze provision of services for young people with disabilities in EU countries , and implement best practices in our country. According to this strategy , in this Project, for the participants’ professional development, the jop training will be provided for participants’ professional development, participation in monitoring activities. The Project will last 12 months, includes 10 days and 2 flows activities. First flow in Denmark and second flow in Germany will be carried out. 14 people will attend each different flow. The first 5 months of preparations in mobility Project and then flows will be held between 6th and 9th months. Domestic and abroad host models for our province will be created with the participation of partners at the last 3 months of project. The number and profile of participants Services for disabled in Yakutiye Administrative Districts are maintained through Welfare and Solidarity Foundation (WSF) and Research and Development Unit (RDU) . For this reason, managers and personels in WSF and RDU providing services to people with disabilities will take place in the project. Representing the administrative authority , district governors and one personel from Yakutiye Public Education Center , (PEC) adult education institution , will participate in the project. As Administrative Districts has the nature of governorship consortium , WSF , RDU and PEC are shown as separate partners. 14 people from Yakutiye Administrative District will participate in the project. Project results and effects in long term Our institution and its partners will gain experience at the international level at the end of the project, and professional knowledge and experience, personal development and self confidence , will increase with the help of the project. Furthermore , knowledge and skills in foreign languages will develop. With the help of the project, activities in the field of participation and equality of European Disability Strategy will be supported. In this case , the economic and social participation of people with disabilities will be provided in order that the Europe 2020 strategy can maintain smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the long term