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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our center has continued in this Erasmus + 2015 project with the line of internationalization we have been developing since we started in 2009. The project idea arose from the needs identified by our school, to improve the employability of students in the labor market of the island that increasingly requires more international professional profiles skills. In addition, in this way, we managed to increase the chances of our students to compete with other students in these times of crisis. Another need of our organization, derived from the first, is to support and strengthen the professional development of teachers, in order to innovate and improve the quality of teaching. The way to achieve our goals, according to the needs expressed, is carrying out activities that promote on one hand, the mobility of students to a European country in which it is performed, at least one month of practices included in the training module in workplaces. On the other hand, our teachers, as an essential part in this process can mobilities to improve their training, in the form of Job Shadowing, in order to optimize the quality of teaching. The improvement in the linguistic and cultural competence that is derived from the mobility itself, both for students and for teachers, will be a very important added value to strive for optimal positioning within the local labor market, increasing the chances of insertion in the European level and laying the groundwork for the establishment of stable networking between organizations and institutions. In our project we performed the following mobilities: - Customer Care Nursing Assistants. (2 candidates) - Pharmacy and Pharmacy Technician. (2 candidates) - Sales Hairdressing and hair cosmetics. (2 candidate) - Technician Driving Físicodeportivas Activities in the Natural Environment. (1 candidate) The impact is materializing in the improved positioning with respect to the labor market and in obtaining official language level certifications, in the case of students. And for teachers, in obtaining official language qualifications, teaching classes in a foreign language and introduction of changes in the schedule of the subject reflecting the acquisition of new skills, didactic and methodological. In the long term there is provided a strengthening of the center as a benchmark of professional families offering sector. The teaching of subjects in a foreign language, the internationalization of studies, networking and stable relations with European centers and institutions working in the same field, are hallmarks of our center. Attachments: - Becoming International II conceptual map. - Needs Center conceptual map. - Impact and Diffusion conceptual map.



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