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Become a connection
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Become a connection” was a multicultural exchange for 30 youngsters from 4 countries (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Italy and Romania) aiming to create fulfillment by enabling the participants to bring their passion, skills and talents into community activities. We saw that connections are missing between young people representing minorities and majority population in Southern Moravia and we offered participants to become a link between this diversity and to experience what being active in community means and how they can use differences for the benefit of everybody involved. The exchange took place in Brno surroundings, in Adamov, Czech Republic within the dates 4-10th November 2015, after the advanced planned visit on 6-7 June 2015. Main objectives we achieved: - Exchange attitudes from the different European and Neighboring countries towards the intercultural dialog - Exchange different approaches on how to combat intolerance and build bridges for society members - To use the multi-cultural group of participants as a learning space on individual roles and competencies in relation to the topic of the project - To support young people in finding solutions for the issues they see around them, by discovering the potential they have in bringing the change - To exchange knowledge on how to cooperate in differences and see yourself as a possibility Participants of this youth exchange were young people aged 15-30 years old, mostly facing different difficulties in their lives, such as economical obstacles (mostly the case of our Italian partner), cultural obstacles (Czech citizens originally from Ukraine, a minority) or social obstacles (mainly Romanians coming from the area of Iasi, one of the poorest regions in the country). During this event, participants cleared out their core qualities and gained the ability to use them in order to achieve the changes they wanted to see around them in their environment. A series of personal development exercises, exchanges and outdoor activities created the context in which the participants could emphasize the skills they have.Together with minority group of Ukrainians living in Czech republic they prepared the program they delivered to citizens of Brno in order to bring more tolerance and understanding of differences. Through this exchange, we showed young people equal rights of European citizens which are not dependent on each ones ethnicity, nationality or social background. In this exchange they received means and tools to develop their qualities and experience self – esteem and self trust as well as respect and support for every other participant, so that all of them can be aware of own uniqueness while creating something together. We gave them space to share their identities within their own and other's cultures and to experience connection, which they then could share in community of Brno city. We also made it possible for young people to see themselves capable of bringing change with their possibilities instead of limitations. The method we used was experiential learning and we used several activities and tools to achieve this, such as practical assignments and challenges, media tools, outdoor activities, theatrical setting etc.



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