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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The volunteer project proposed by the association Solidarités Jeunesses - Le Centre de Beaumotte stems from the association's desire to allow for the creation of a place and a dynamic focused on social diversity, common tasks, intercultural exchange and learning; participants should have the tools necessary for bringing about personal as well as professional development. 2 volunteers from Spain and from Poland will be hosted by the association of the Centre de Beaumotte, the Franche-Comté delegation of Solidarités Jeunesses, for 12 months starting in September 2015. The Centre de Beaumotte is intended to be of an open nature that will allow this diverse group of people to learn about each other and about how to live with each other, moving beyond linguistic, sociocultural, socioeconomic barriers, and especially moving beyond prejudices. By means of the values of solidarity, justice, respect for others and for peace, Beaumotte encourages the participation of all in local life and in those actions that will create active and responsible citizens. This project is focused on interaction and intercultural dialogue intended to promote action and activities centered around local life. Volunteers will take part in all the activities of the center, they will contribute to manual works and to collective aspects of daily life, and also to the different activities that take place in the hosting place and in the surrounding villages. Beaumotte offers young European volunteers the opportunity to discover another side of France, namely that of rural France, and will be able to contribute to local development and intercultural exchange in a unique context. Thanks also to the energy that these volunteers will invest in the daily life of the community, sharing their ideas and their culture with a population that is infrequently exposed to international activity, we believe that they will contribute a great deal to local development and that they will demonstrate a certain facet of youthfulness, namely that of youthful activity and solidarity. By their participation in the initiatives of the promotion of international volunteering, these young people will also bear witness to and be directly involved in the promotion of international openness, providing the necessary information to other young people interested in participating in a mobility project.



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