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Be Yourself
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Be yourself" involves the participation of 40 people from different parts of Europe and is organized in cooperation with organizations from Estonia, Poland, Turkey and Romania.Together realized many activities and "Be Yourself" is a different project, where we'll make an exchange or through diverse activities as targeted to help to young people to raise their self-esteem. "BE YOURSELF" opens possibilities for cooperation with the citizens of the EU countries that are not only rich countries, but also those who are involved in low ranking in terms of wealth economic.In the rich countries, and France is an example of it, there is a high suicide rates and social problems, employment who often come from a lack of deep self-esteem.By involving participants from countries with different economic situations, people from different backgrounds, and thanks to the participation of young people, we will build a positive image of youth from economically disadvantaged or disadvantaged regions and develop the idea of solidarity and equity in Europe.The poverty is not only limited to money, for young people educational, cultural and social poverty can be much more cruel.Our goal is that young people from disadvantaged areas or personal failure to identify and fight against their own weaknesses and the weakness of their environment and take charge, with all their energy.We believe that their motivation may allow them to gain self-confidence, progress and advance with this the society around them.In order to work with young people about their self-esteem, we will use tools, first make thematic workshops, which include the various key competences and develop the Youthpass workshop,s where they can express themselves, evaluate themselves, to love, hate, etc.Brainstorming workshops, the importance of nutrition and sport, development his critical thinking, the use of the information and forming their own opinions, become real artists one day and create together and individually. All these workshops will be practical, real tangible results with the key.Young people will taste the inspiration of different workshops that affect various key skills. We do not want to develop a project on urban arts, but using the urban arts to reflect on the self-esteem. For a young people to create a work of art to take home is a diploma.The exchange will become for them a source of reflection for the acquisition of multiple knowledge, which will then be "codified" thanks to Youthpass. All these stages of reflection and action will make the young more confident and inevitably will open new doors for them to their private and professional life.They will come out all grown and developed from this experience.



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