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Be with US
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context of the creation of the "Be with the US" is a start-up in the EVS as Coordinating Organization (RA i DO Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults) with two local host organizations involved in supporting people with disabilities in the local / Ursynów in Warsaw. Both organizations received accreditation in 2014. The aim of the Hipoterapia Foundation and MAJA Association for deed Menthaly People is to enrich their activities for people with disabilities with volunteers from other countries, which will undoubtedly affect the variety and enrichment program offered her students in the program and their organizations. It will be 2 Activities. The first is a 11 month project EVS in Hipotherapy Foundation. It will bring together: a volunteer from Belarus (man) and volunteer from Tunisia (woman). Second Activity is 11 month project EVS in MAJA Association. It will bring together: a volunteer from Spain (man) and a volunteer from Turkey (woman) . Working methods during the EVS in both organizations will be mainly based on action "learning by doing" In Hippotherapy Foundation: - Work with horses and assistance during hippotherapy - Work with children and youth with disabilities In MAJA Association -Work with adults with medium and deep menthally disfunction - Work as a support/company person to excursion to museum, exhitions, outdorr activities - Assisting during therapy workshops (ceramics, culinary workshops, painting) The results are: - initiated activities in the area of EVS as a host and coordinating organizations - Innovative and improved method of action to the target groups by providing for example .: more attractive programs for dependents (disabled) and volunteers according to their needs and expectations - More effective action for the benefit of local communities - Promoting volunteering as a method of working and learning for both the volunteers and the community working with people with disabilities Long-term benefits: - Continuation of EVS in both host organizations and extrapolation to other organizations in Ursynowa / Warsaw.


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