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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project will take part in Tallinn, Estonia 01.08.2015-01.11.2016 and the service takes place during 12 months and will involve 1 volunteer, 1 sending organisation from Belarus and 1 hosting coordinating organisation. Talllinn is the capital of Estonia and offer a lot of benefits to volunteer. It has a population of 435 000 people and give very good opportunety to be in cultural center with museums, excibitions, regular interesting events. With every year Tallinn offers more and more interesting projects for youth. Volunteer will be engaged in issues of cultural diversity and youth work, will receive chance to integrate into daily work of hosting organisation and take part in all daily activities and events organised and coordinated by them. During the project, volunteer will receive possibility to improve and acquire following competences via non formal education: communication in foreign languages (for communication with hosting organisation and local community in Estonia, also during reporting and evaluation period); cultural awareness and expression; sense of initiative (volunteer will be encouraged to set her own priorities during the project, choose which activities she wants to join), teamwork, making new contacts. From the side of volunteer we are looking for new ideas, new way of view in our regular activity, to understand needs of youth now, inspiration. We choosed a volunteer from Belarus. He is 25 years old living in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Volunteer shares European values and is friendly to people of different cultures, origins and lifestyles. He seems to be purposeful, reliable and emotionally mature person with analytical mind what allow us to think he will successfully cope with all of the tasks which could be set during his volunteering. Applicant tends to be more introverted but we don’t think this will be a problem as this quality doesn’t impact his communication skills. Belarus is very closed country, so we expect that to volunteer from this country Estonian experience can give a lot of perspectives. It is very important for Belarus civil society because due to political situation in Belarus only few number of active young people come to the civil sector. So to have them involved into common European social process for promoting European values through youth work in their respective countries.



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