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Be the NET! RoverNET/VentureNET
Date du début: 18 mai 2016, Date de fin: 17 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Be the NetET! RoverNet-VentureNet" is a project that aims to enrich and update the educational proposal offered by youth organisations across Europe to the age-target 16-22 years through networking, sharing expertise, acquiring new knowledge and insights on the topic of youth work with this specific age group. "Be the NET! RoverNet-VentureNet" answers the needs of 24 youth organizations that would like to develop their non-formal education curricula for young people aged 16-22 and learn about new tools and techniques available for this purpose. The project will bring together 49 participants from 24 European countries, with experience in this field, and 6 experts, plus a number of external speakers to share their experience and learn together. The project aims to gather youth organisations from all over Europe that are having similar needs in order to share best practices and be trained on new tools and methodology existing in youth work and training area. They will be able to share experiences and learn from each other in an international environment, supported by experienced facilitators. During the four days of the event, the participants will follow an interactive programme. They will attend sessions where they would be given inputs that can be used as a knowledge/ discussion basis. They will then work in small groups to develop new ideas and approaches for the development of Rover/Venture programme schemes and curriculas. The objectives of the "Be the NET! RoverNet-VentureNet" seminar, stated below, come as an answer to the needs identified through previous consultations of partners: -offer a sharing space of best practices for youth yorkers in charge of developing Educational updated educational proposal to answer the current needs and interests of young people;-make the proposed programmes more attractive through strengthening the youth mobility of this age group and support such programmes through dedicated tool to maximise their positive outcomes; -raise awareness of the young people and their family about the skills acquired through scouting to ensure that the time spent in scouting activities is not only perceived as a leisure activity. In parallel, it is necessary to ensure the recognition of skills developed in the frame of Scouting by employers and formal education institutions (ex. Universities) ;-ensure that the proposed programme is more attractive and inclusive for all young people in order to offer Non Formal Education activities to the one the most in needs and have a membership reflecting the diversity of our society (persons with disabilities, immigrants, religious minorities, sexual orientation minority groups etc.) ;-promote transnational project among partners The profile of the participants is that of key youth workers (staff or volunteers) which are in charge of supporting the 16-22 section for the entire organisation. The participant profile agreed upon by the partners ensures the dissemination of the project results in the sending organizations. This will hopefully affect in a positive way the programmes offered across Europe by all partners. The project has one main activity:"Be the NET! RoverNet-VentureNet" seminar. The seminar will take place in Roma Scout Centre in Rome, Italy, in October 2016. Focusing on the quality and relevance of educational programmes proposed to young people aged 16 to 22, the seminar will use non formal education methods such as: team-tasks, workshops, case studies, peer to peer learning, audio-visual presentations, a resource center, educational games, role-play and others to reach its objectives. The foreseen results and outcomes the project cover the following: strong knowledge sharing between youth organizations across Europe, recognition and validation of non-formal learning, introduction of new methods and tools in respect to the learning paths (e-learning, long-distance learning), increased quality in educational programmes for young people aged 16-22, joint follow-up projects between partner organizations.



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