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Be the change you wish to see in the world
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is going to be an educational project clearly aiming at the development of the competences of the volunteers and the capacity building of the Youth Clubs. This project is expected to play an important role in the dissemination of the European values among the youth of Cyprus. The project objectives are in line with the EVS principles which are:- to increase young people's skills through the practical experience of volunteering abroad;- to encourage the learning of another language;- to develop the ability of interaction with persons of different language and culture;- to spread tolerance among young people of the European Union;- to promote active citizenship;- to support the development of local communities and- to disseminate the European values.There are going to be 6 volunteers from 4 European countries. They will be self-determined young people who know what they want and need opportunities to build their path through life.We will choose genuine altruistic people who wish to change the world through the contributions they can make to this project while seeing the benefits of engaging themselves in a project abroad in order to gain valuable skills which can serve as a catalyst to a future career. The volunteers will support the local volunteers who are familiar with the specific local needs. The volunteers will gather European documentation and will produce informational material. They will also support the European Projects & International Relations Coordinator in certain tasks regarding communication, events, implementation of educational programs, helping youth clubs in partners search, facilitating events, promoting Erasmus+, promoting the EU values, key priorities and opportunities. Given that young people can easily understand complicated messages if the messenger is a young person, the project will be based on the participatory approach of peer-to-peer education. The volunteers and their service will help the youth of Cyprus (especially in rural areas) to develop their European awareness. The volunteers, as the key actors in this project are expected to contribute with their energy, ideas and active participation. The volunteers will receive mentoring from the European Projects & International Relations Coordinator of the CYCO. The mentors will cooperate with the European Projects and International Relations Coordinator in order to introduce and involve the volunteers in activities related to the ERASMUS + Programmes and the capacity building of the Youth Clubs. All the activities will be based on non-formal education methods and among others will include energizers, team building activities, brainstorming, trust games, interactive activities, team discussions, role play, simulation, and presentations on behalf of the volunteers and the members of the Youth Clubs as well. All the activities require active participation of the participants and volunteers. Due to the Pancyprian nature of the organisation's structure, the volunteers will need to visit various Youth Clubs across Cyprus and get to know the members of the Youth Clubs. The volunteers will have the opportunity to learn more about Youth work in Cyprus and to better understand the structure of the organisation. Also, they will be able to gain experience in administrative matters and on the implementation of the European Programmes as it comes to logistics and non-formal educational methods. At the end of their service they will receive a Youthpass certificate and recommendation letter (s).Through this project, the volunteers will have the chance to be involved with young people from urban and rural areas as well as learning more about our organization and its actions. They are going to offer their knowledge and experience making a difference in our world and at the same time they will improve their personal and professional skills. The intercultural dimension and non-formal approach of EVS will give the young people the opportunity to become familiar with cultures different from their own, to acquire new skills and abilities useful to their personal and professional growth and to share their own knowledge and experience to other young people.During this EVS project, young people will be informed about the value of Youth Work and volunteerism and how they are able to change the world through these practices.Cooperation between youth organisations will be fostered in order to create awareness about the importance of volunteerism. People, ideas, practices, information and knowledge about young people's volunteering activities will be promoted. Youth organisations will disseminate the opportunities Erasmus+ represent for the youth and the European values of respect, tolerance and diversity.In the long term, we expect to see the youth in Cyprus becoming more confident regarding European mobility.



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