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Be Safe
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the context of globalization, interest to altering the relationships that children / young people have other with people with their environment, it is necessary for the subject not only to be on the agendas of different stakeholders, but also to identify solutions to prevent and / or combat this phenomenon through the mobilization, involvement and participation of civil society. The environments in which young volunteers run activity are no exception, and inherent issue stated is perhaps one of the biggest challenges for them. In this context identifies the problem that the project "Be Safe" tries to give an answer: the need to "equip" volunteers with those communication skills to prevent and manage situations that lead to deterioration of relations between youth / children, of youth / children and environment. The project objective is as a possible response to the problem identified: Equipping volunteers with the skills needed for the communication and implementation of formal programs based on harmonious art of living together in a world of diversity and conflict by restoring the link between children / young people with others of the children / young people with the environment.OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT to suit the needs identified:O1. Empowerment of six volunteers from two countries (Italy and Spain) in the art of improving relations with others and with the environment by building a nonformal program of prevention and resolution of these cases, "World of positive change",during 8 months;O2. Implementation of nonformal program "World of positive change" by six volunteers for 80 students / young people from Secondary School "Iosif Moldovan" Arad during 9 months.O3. Implementation by six volunteers from the two countries of an non-formal education program aimed to empower children / young people with the good health of the environment they live in, to the rules and social conventions that protect life, over a period of 9 months.It aims to achieve the following results corresponding to project objectives:Tangible results: An approach to solving the problem of "equipping" of volunteers with those skills needed to prevent and manage communication situations that lead to deterioration of relations between youth / children, of youth / children and the environment; one nonformal program based on harmonious art of living together; One conflict mediation guide between students; one intercultural calendar; one set of materials for environmental protection: posters, slogans, leaflets; one antiviolence campaign; certificates of recognition skills acquired volunteers; one brochure of information on non-formal program "World of positive change."Intangible results: Volunteer able to: actively participate in the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of non-formal program; apply communication skills on conflict resolution in learning activities that take place in a diverse range of environments and situations; identify common values with people from different countries through the promotion of and respect for diversity; to create materials that support and promote ideas; use English in non-formal contexts required by the program and Romanian language in the usual contexts.



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