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Be responsible, Be green!
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Be responsible, Be green!" it is an EVS project which has as purpose the promotion of the agriculture, gardening and environment protection, through 10 volunteers. The 10 volunteers that will participate in this project are from: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, France and Czech Republic. They will come in two stages that will last 12 and 10 months. On the entire project, they will live in the Marabu camp from Milcoveni, Caras-Severin county. "Be responsible, Be green project!" has as main goal: "The development of the volunteering in environment protection domain from Caras-Severn" , and its main objectives are: 1. The development of the abbilites and competences from environment protection and agriculture domain of 10 volunteres 2. The development of the PR skills and the development of the creativity used in volunteering promotion 3. The development of the abilities in the griculture field all in all the volunteering stage 4. Offering to the volunteers the possibilitiy to share their knowledge concerning the agriculture field and also environment protection 5. Offering to the volunteers the possibility to exchange information with other youngsters from Caras-Severin county and with their fellow volunteers 6. Offering to the volunteers the possiblity to help at the diversity and improvement of agriculture field, and also to help at changing the perception concerning the environment protection. Also, the project "Be responsible, Be green" wants to: -promote volunteering work, EVS programmes and not only, also in Caras-Severin county and in the partner countries -to atract youngsters attention and not only, on the problems concerning environment protection -to atract youngsters towards agriculture field with the help of non formal education and also of the volunteers -to raise awarness to the people from Caras-Severin about gravity of environment protection. This project wants to have long term results and to have an impact not just on the participating volunteers but also on the local communities. It also wants all the participants to promote the things learnt and the experiences from Romania, in their associations and also in their communities.



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