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Be Radio-Active 5
Date du début: 24 mai 2016, Date de fin: 23 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„Be Radio-Active 5“ is an EVS project based in Lithuania, Siauliai Didzdvaris Gymnasium, which is a high school for 9-12 grades. Main school activities include formal education programs and informal education activities, as well as implementation of various national and international projects. Radio station “Radijo Klubas” is based in gymnasium. It can be heard in Siauliai city 24/7 and through online streaming ( all around the world. With assistance of professional radio workers volunteers from Georgia, Austria and Czech Republic carry out 11 months long voluntary service. The main topics of „Be Radio-Active 5“ project are youth policy, youth mass media and communication/youth information. The goal of volunteers in this project are to fulfill their ideas according to the topics listed above and to involve other members of community (students, teachers, parents, other personnel), initiate other various projects. The goal of gymnasium is to create possibilities for young people to use gymnasium radio station “Radijo Klubas” as a tool to acquire new knowledge, develop various skills, realize their own ideas, present their countries and culture. There are two primary project activities: 1. Creative: Volunteers will be involved in to creation of radio and video shows about important youth problems, preparation of material, recording, etc.; 2. Technical: Volunteers will learn to montage the shows, create radio playlists, jingles, will be involved in technical supervision of the radio, etc. Generally, volunteers will become familiar with the work in a radio station and specifics of journalist work, and through these activities will interact directly and indirectly with students and broader local community.The main methods of „Be Radio-Active 5“ project will be volunteers initiative and involvement. In this project the activities are heavily based on realization of individual ideas and de-emphasize fulfillment of obligatory tasks.



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