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Be professional
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main goal of the project Be professional is enhancing of the professional preparation of the just graduated students from Professional School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the city Pirdop as the sending organization by acquiring additional theoretical knowledge and skills and practical training in the host organization and internships in Italian companies working in respective professional field. An important objective of the project is practical training in innovative methods of teaching vocational subjects. The project will be realized in partnership raelizira between Professional School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the city Pirdop Bulgaria and ASTERISCO - Association for social and economic development, city. Palermo, Italy.Participants in the mobility project are four teachers from PGME in the majors - "Automation of production", "Economic Informatics" and "Machine Tools", four graduate students by profession Mechanical technician, six graduate students from the profession Technician automation and six of the profession Economist computer scientist .The project activities will provide link between the professional education and its practical implication in a EU country, students and teachers will get aquainted with the work specifics in a different working environment, will know the firm policies and innovations, will practice language skills as a prerequisite towards integration into the EU and international market. The project provides wide publicity, as well as current and subsequent evaluation of mobility pursued by both partner organizations . The knowledge and skills gained will be validated by PGMET according to the Bulgarian state educational requirements of the profession and specialty.The activities of the project will increase the capacity of participating organizations on working nationally and at EU level by improving their management skills and internationalization strategies and active cooperation with partners from other countries. They will continue to develop innovative and more sophisticated approaches to work by providing more attractive and varied programs for their students tailored to their needs and needs and expectations of the business in order to create sustainable jobs.The implementation of the European systems of certification and validation of knowledge and skills will contribute to making mobility an integral part of the educational paths of the trainee and facilitate European employers' understanding of foreign qualifications .It is expected that in the long run the project will have an impact on the education, training and youth work in the participating countries, which will stimulate policy reforms to attract new resources with opportunities for education and labor mobility in Europe and beyond.



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