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Be Part of World's Future!
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Be Part of World’s Future!” was created in order to answer to a need detected in European society, especially in Eastern Europe, Western Balkans and in Europe in general. In youth work there are not too many (or better said not enough) educational opportunities for youth workers that can enable them to bring the global dimension to everyday work with young people. This project will offer the opportunity for youth workers and leaders to explore deeper global topics, interdependency and sustainably, as well as how to bring these important dimensions in their work, to their beneficiaries. These topics are part of the Global and European agenda and priorities for various actors (private and public institutions) and civil society and there is a concern and need for more specific capacity building for the partners engaged in this project to become independent global educators and multipliers in their communities.The main goal of the project is to build capacity of youth organization to implement global education with young people (to increase their level of global responsibility and global citizenship competencies). More specific objectives are:o To increase the knowledge level of young people and youth workers in topics like: global interdependencies, SDG, post2015 agenda, social and global justice, ICL and global issues, climate change, consumerism and sustainable lifestyle; sustainable development;o To stimulate the internalization of global values for youth workers, young people and youth organization;o To develop practical competencies as global educators to the youth workers involved;o To increase the level of motivation and efficiency at the work place among youth workers;o To increase the level of sustainable life styles of young people, youth workers and youth organization;o To increase the level of active participation at local and international level towards various global issues;o To trigger positive organizational changes in youth organizations;o To increase the level of quality and professionalisation in local and international projects.The project will gather 28 participants from 7 countries: Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Estonia, Portugal, Macedonia and Cyprus. Participants will be supported by their sending organisations and accompanied by 2 trainers. The structure of the project will be as follows: 1. First residential training course for developing basic competencies in global citizenship and global education;2. First practice phase in each community (each team will have to prepare and implement global education activities for at least 50 young people); 3. Mid-term evaluation (online);4. Second residential training course for advanced competencies in global education; 5. Second practice phase (each team will have to prepare and implement one more global education activity for at least 20 people);6. Evaluation (short and long term -online);7. Follow-up in each community and international.