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Be Online Without Internet
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Be Online Without Internet“ was about media’s influence on youngsters and Internet addiction. This youth exchange was held in Saku, Estonia, from 3th to 10th of July in 2016 and was ment for youth ages between 14 to 17. We had 40 participants form 5 different countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Italy and the Czech Republic. The main theme of this project was media's influence on youngsters, psyhocological consequences (addiction, emotional problems, isolation etc), different usages of the Internet, youngsters’ self image and the influence of English on other languages. We also spoke about computer games’ influence and motivation. This project wanted youngsters to think about the need of Internet and social media. The main problem was: is it possible for nowadays youngsters to be 10 days without Internet, so that they wouldn't miss it? During 8 activity days, youth was participating actively in different workshops, discussions and lectures to ensure that project aims would be achieved. The topics were for example "Media's influence for youngsters", "Self-image of youth", "Using too many smart devices", "Positive and negative parts of the Internet", etc. Topics were introduced through using non-formal educational methods, we involved experts and all participants. Some topics were performed through experts, but most of the topics were lead by teenagers, which helped to develope youth learning methods. During the main activity we brought the Internet and all of the fun parts of it into real life. For example we played some popular games (Candy Crush, Angry Birds etc), made our own Facebook walls and every day we worked with a different social media channel (Facebook Friday, Snapchat Saturday, etc).Every participant got a Youthpass for participating in the project.



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