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Be International Post-Doc - Euregio and Greater Region (BEIPD)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The University of Liege has run an international Incoming postdoctoral fellowship programme for years (2006-2012) with excellent results: 120 fellows, hundreds of joint publications, lots of professional and transferable skills attendees. Fellowships are based on a bottom-up approach of the fellows. Applicants define their own research project in cooperation with their host unit, so that they can develop a win-win cooperation in terms of science, excellence and career development. All research disciplines are accepted. In addition to the fellowships, a travel-mobility-research allowance of 15.000,00 EUR/year as well as a professional and transversal training programme was offered.Due to the high salary cost, ULg couldn’t support such positions for Outgoing post-docs. Only 6 months abroad salary and mobility allowances were given in 2011 to those who had a job.Incoming post docs ask for lengthening the fellowships to 2 years and ULg post doc ask for a one-year fellowship that enables them to obtain the required level for application and which allows them to develop their research and career and to apply for ambitious projects (research projects or ERC).COFUND will allow the ULg to meet the fellows’ expectations as well as ULg's willingness to support young researchers in attaining an independent position at the top of their research field.100 Incoming fellowships of 2 years and 28 Outgoing fellowships of one year are planned in 4 calls.The evaluation and selection procedures are developed in a fair and transparent process. It relies on detailed reviews of internal and external experts, reporting of each application, ranking by the research councils and motivated feedback given to candidates.The experienced R&D Office of ULg will manage the project with one person dedicated to the project. A self assessment will be led yearly by the ULg Quality Assessment Office in order to improve practices and guarantee the success of the programme.



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