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Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Be-Healthy-Europe" is aimed to promoting cooperation, exchange and transfer of knowledge, know-how in matters of increasing motivation to healthy and active lifestyle among young people through the training of youth leaders to motivate and engage in daily physical activity and sport of the European youth. Within 10 days of training course 25 youth workers from 6 countries to meet the need for: -Development of the ability to provide social services at a high professional level in the field of management - organization of different types of physical activity, healthy eating issues, first aid during sports for the stakeholders and the target groups of youth organizations in Europe . -To exchange and transfer of knowledge, know-how aimed at improving the level of motivation and interest in daily physical activity and sport among European youth. -To develop of cooperation among youth organizations in order to implement joint projects in the sphere of youth involvement to an active lifestyle and sports in the future. Understanding between the cultural characteristics within Europe and will be involved in the study 6 languages of the countries participants. Within 10 days of training 25 youth leaders of NGOs from 6 countries - participants of the project improved the professional competence in the organization of physical and sports activities for the target groups of young people, including: types of inside and outside workouts, basic yoga elements, hiking in the mountains, playing sports on the example of football, and a sauna. Enhance the ability of first aid during the outdoor and indoor sport activities. Expanded of knowledge and understanding of issues related to healthy eating. Improve the quality of their work through the exchange of practical experience in organizing sports events and the involvement of young people in physical activity and sport. Based on the experience, gained during the training, participants created booklet "Sport in the work with youth" with practical advices for young leaders to engage in an active life of young people, this material is available for free download on the Salto Youth and participants organization's websites .Enhance the ability of strategic planning aimed at involving young people in everyday activities and sports in their communities. Throughout the training, participants will be involved to a better understanding of linguistic and cultural diversity. The training program includes everyday improving knowledge of training participants languages.25 youth leaders will have ample opportunities to enhance personal and career development through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience in engaging young people to an active lifestyle and sports. This will help to establish productive partnerships and implement joint youth projects in the future.At the end of the training, participants will increase the motivation to implement projects for the European youth in the organization and activities of physical and sports activities.



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