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Be Healthy, Be Natural, Be Smart
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Health is a natural gift, but to keep it we must take into consideration a healthy lifestyle. The project is built from the need to improve the quality of life of our students. A healthy life is a natural life. "Be Healthy, Be Natural, Be Smart" aims to inspire, guide and encourage new generations to live healthily. The project aims to improve education and establish healthy habits by examples of good practice to help young generations to be healthy. There are 7 countries involved, with a total average number of 2500 students and 250 teachers participating to project activities. The students from the partner schools have frequent health problems: unhealthy diets, eating disorders, respiratory problems, heart dysfunctions, poor immune system shown in reduced resistance to common cold and influenza. Many students from the partner schools face difficult economic conditions and some of them live in isolated rural areas. There is a decreased interest for education, a low level of motivation for learning and children's health is damaged. In the context of an increased number of children from young generations in Europe being affected by eating disorders, overweight, digestive problems, unhealthy toxic habits, abandonment of education, diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle, new measures must be taken to improve the quality of life. The implementation of the project is meant to contribute to the beneficial changes that are expected as a long term impact within the schools and the communities by improving the education system, increasing students' motivation for learning, raising awareness on the coordinates of a healthy lifestyle and establishing good habits for a healthy life for both the body and the mind. A healthy mind in a healthy body is a guideline that must be integrated in education. Improving the educational system is a necessity. Education is the uniting vector that ensures the students will benefit from acquiring healthy habits into their daily life. The project answers this need in many ways: - on the level of increased quality of education by applying new methods, by making learning more attractive, by the exchange of experience between schools, teachers and students - on the level of improved quality of life by establishing healthy habits for a healthier lifestyle - on a long term sustainable added value to the European community The project objectives are detailed on the coordinates: sports, nutrition, nature and mind progress. The project objectives are: - general ( improved effectiveness of the education system, improved communication skills in a foreign language, reduction of school abandonment phenomenon, increased interest and motivation for learning, improved ITC skills, better multicultural knowledge and team spirit) - specific (improved health by creating good habits, promoting a healthy lifestyle for young generations, increased awareness about the direct connection between health and sports / food / nature / education). The project activities include: - sports activities, outdoor activities, games, dances, competitions, - workshops, debates, - visits of documentation in nature, cultural trips, - scientific studies on what is good or bad for health - writing essays and articles about healthy lifestyle - ecological activities, planting trees, creating green corners in schools, - making short videos, taking photographs of nature and animals, - scientific presentations of healthy lifestyle, - drawing and painting on the subject of healthy life, - improving English skills and ITC skills, video conferencing. The project results will be: -project website, - Guide to a Healthy Life (electronic and printed form), - project magazine Be Healthy, Be Natural, Be Smart, - brochure with healthy recipes and healing plants, - power point presentations, - calendar, - drawings, paintings, - short videos, digital photographs, - articles, scientific studies, essays, - scientific analyses of the toxic effects of unhealthy life, - scientific presentations of the coordinates for a healthy life, - list of plants good for therapy, - exchanges of examples of regional healthy meals, - collection of games, - objects from recycled materials, - posters, - written impressions from mobilities. The long-term impact of the project will be: - improved lifestyle for young generations, - established healthy habits, - improved health and good practice, - increased knowledge and awareness about the coordinates of a healthy lifestyle (movement, nutrition, nature and mind development), - increased awareness about what is toxic and damaging to health, - improved communication skills, - improved education system, - reduced school abandonment, - increased solidarity and unity between members of European community, - improved cooperation and innovation between schools. The project will establish a beneficial path for a healthy lifestyle for new generations.



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