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Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project”BE HEALTHY! BE HAPPY!” gathers up 30 youngsters at the age of 16-19 and 5 youth leaders from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria in the beautiful park Kaylaka in Pleven. The participants are last grades students of secondary education, who are at the beginning of starting and forming their future. Among the young people at this age fast food, carbonated drinks and widely-hyped crisps and snacks are most popular. The matter of young people’s healthy lifestyle is international and crucial for life quality. Despite its significance it is not focused on in the educational system and family where effectiveness and coping with everyday economic predicaments are more important. This project is aimed to inform about the risks of unhealthy eating and sedentary life and to give healthy alternative and change motivation.GOAL: To rise young people’s knowledge and skills for healthy eating and physical activeness, to motivate them for conscious long-termed choice; to create skills for practical implementing.OBJECTIVES: Rising young people’s presentation skills and language competences; active participating in the social life of their local communities linked to campaigns for sharing healthy lifestyle; multicultural dialogue.PARTICIPANTS’ PROFILE: Youngsters with healthy problems due to improper eating and sedentary life- obesity, metabolic disorders, but highly- motivated to participate in the project; active participants in youth activities; geographically, economically and socially- limited young people.Preparation. After the selection, youngsters will explore the national eating and prepare their equal participation in the training sessions, coordinated by the leading organization.Activities: training sessions using non-formal education methods- video presentation, simulations, interactions, games, discussions about healthy life principles- hygiene, anti-drug, anti-stress, positive attitude, physical activeness and healthy eating. Meetings with specialists- a psychologist and endocrinologist to support scientifically the training sessions are planned. Sessions are pre-prepared by the youngsters from the national groups, facilitators being our young medical doctors and medical doctor students. There are four types of physical activeness- introduction to YOGA and relaxing techniques, active sport- KANGO, everyday WALKING and pleasure through DANCES.All activities are held in healthy surrounding and following the above principles- the menu is prepared by a dietician, the coffee breaks are replaced by FRESH breaks, training sessions are followed by physical activities, group working is done in informal surrounding, activities, not requiring technical equipment are done in nature, when weather is good. The creating of information product –digital, and/or on paper is planned- ”BE HEALTHY! BE HAPPY!” , which will be presented by a KANGO FLASH MOB in the central square in Pleven.RESULTS: Acquired knowledge about eating, physical activeness and stress role for health. Changed attitude, given start and motivation for complete and long-termed healthy change, acquired practical skills for choosing food and physical activities and including them in everyday life, skills for avoiding and reducing stress, risen vital force. Rising civil activeness linked to their engagements after the youth exchange. Rising presentation skills and communicative skills in multicultural surrounding, improved English language competences. Getting to know new types of sporting activity- yoga and kango.Results dissemination and influence: Organizing events in local communities by national groups for distributing the information product ”BE HEALTHY! BE HAPPY!” with the support of the organizations. The events will be broadcast in the youth communication channels and traditional medias, thus disseminating the results among larger number of people.Target groups for disseminating the results among the local national communities of the participating countries are:1. Youngsters in the communities- to motivate for healthy lifestyle and to inform to get to know about opportunities Erasmus + Program offers.2. Participants’ families.3. Medias and institutions which could enable and support the larger dissemination of habits change among young people.Impact and potential long-term benefits: At regional level: Active and energetic young members of society, following the path of health and wellness. At national level: Organizations – built up their experience and enlarged their contacts and their opportunities for including the topic in their training activities and events. At international level: Favourable conditions for building a net of joint events of international scale.



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