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Be fit!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The name of our project "Be fit!" should express the main goal of the project. Therefore, be fit in all physical, mental and social aspects, appreciate yourself and your surroundings and nature, use your free time in an active way. The starting point of the project is one of the main objectives of EU health policy and that is the support of healthy lifestyle. The outputs of an international research study HBSC (Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children) of World Health Organization focusing on lifestyle of children and schoolchildren from 2010 unfortunately shows that for Czech and Slovak pupils compared to the previous data collection the number of pupils who are overweight increases while the boys are overweight more often. Another worrying indication is that there is a decrease in physical activity of pupils. By combining of activities in healthy lifestyle with environmental education we aim to create positive attitudes not only to the environment but also to the understanding of interdependence of all determinants which affect health. The project deals with promotion of the development of basic and transversal competences of pupils in the field of health with a focus on two basic determinants- healthy lifestyle and environment. Using an interdisciplinary approach that will help to connect more subjects we will focus not only on knowledge, but mostly on changes of the skills and attitudes of pupils in this issue. Furthermore, we will focus on strengthening of the practical teaching of ethics in relation to disabled people. The main objective of the project is to motivate pupils to a healthy lifestyle and active free time, strengthening the responsibility of pupils for their own personal development, preventing of the hazardous behavior of pupils and perceive health as a significant value of human life. All the pupils of both schools will be involved to some extent. Other goals are to increase language skills, to develop social skills and self-confidence of pupils, to improve ICT skills and to increase knowledge of the partner country. One of the ideas of the project is to teach pupils sport activities remotely using ICT as well as directly at exchanges and meetings. Pupils will acquire two sports that are not usually taught in their school and they will under the supervision of teachers teach sports they know their partners from cooperating school. The pupils from Bystřice nad Pernštejnem will teach pupils from Slovakia floorball and hockey. Elementary school, Juh 1054, Vranov nad Topľou will focus on volleyball and judo. This part of the project will be recorded in The Book of Sports – a joint product which will be created during three years of partnership. Each school will prepare information about the two sports in the mother tongue and in English, it will contain basic information about the history of the sport, the basic methodology of teaching, photographs, visual materials of tournaments within exchanges and 'Olympics for four sports' - a joint activity during the meeting of the schools. There will take place tournaments in floorball, hockey, judo, volleyball of mixed teams from both schools. The project will be focused on the use of project-based teaching topics, they will include Healthy Lifestyle, Environment and Health, The Idea of Olympic and Paralympic Games and shared project activity Games Without Borders. There will be one project day in each school year which will be attended by all pupils of both schools. There will be a joint multi-day project activity of pupils from both schools Games without Borders in Elem. school Bystřice n. Perštejnem, Nádražní 615 n the last year of partnership and we are planning a remote connection with the Elem. school Juh 1054, Vranov n. Topľou through eTwinning environment. Teachers and pupils from both schools will process methodological information to the creation of the project which will be be used to create common methodological brochures in the mother tongue with English summary.The publications Healthy Lifestyle, Environment and Health, The Idea of Olympic and Paralympic Games, Games Without Borders will be created. The Chronicle of partnership will briefly map all project activities and will be made up pupils' implementation teams from both schools in the their mother tongue and English. The creation of presentations, visual materials, electronic communication, the use of eTwinning environment, video conferencing and other activities will enhance the IT skills. The planned project's impact on pupils is described above. Another target group are the teachers of school. We expect the development of pedagogical, language and IT skills. We see long-term benefits of the project in strengthening of positive attitudes to healthy lifestyle of pupils, the possibility of using of the methodological publications by general pedagogical public, the sustainability of the project in the extension of the offer of sports at both schools after project completition.



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