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Be (e-) active!
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Be (e-) active! aims to provide a long-term learning opportunity to two young Europeans who will spend one year at the international office of IYNF in Prague, Czech Republic. The selected volunteers come from France and Spain and are 21 and 22 years old respectively. They will get a chance to get to know the world on an international NGO network, develop their key competences and gain first practical skills in the field while supporting the higher aims of the IYNF network. This European Voluntary Service activity will be implemented from 21st of February 2016 until 20th February 2017, which will offer a short two week hand over period with the previous EVS project to help IYNF ensure continuity and present the most successful and inspirational achievements of the past months. IYNF would like to dedicate new focus to various forms of e-involvement and this EVS project will help the organization achieve bigger impact in this area. The volunteers will support the IYNF employees with the coordination of an international network of e-volunteers and in a certain extend become part of it. The daily tasks of the volunteers focus on digital media and international communication - they will support the content of the IYNF webpage and social media and help increase their attractiveness by brining in creative ideas. They will show their peers on the grassroot level what are the various possibilities of e-involvement - they will write articles according to their field of interest, develop their graphic ideas, work with pictures and create short videos. The project aims to experiment with new online tools or new social network and help people to meet in the virtual space more effectively. Next to that the volunteers will get a chance to participate in the daily life of the organization and join the national and international meetings. They will be given creative tasks to support project management and visibility of the organization and the Erasmus+ mobility projects. The experience from the office environment and NGO field-work will be balanced - it is expected that the volunteers will attend 2-4 international activities during their EVS project, which will be organized by the IYNF Secretariat and they will have a chance to participate in a summer activity organized by the Czech member organization of IYNF Duha. Important part of the project is implemented in the local Czech background, which offers the volunteers to develop their own mini-projects. The project will stimulate the volunteers to attend various local activities and meet with different NGO stakeholders in Prague. They will contribute to the visibility of IYNF in the Czech environment, they will especially promote the volunteering opportunities among the Czech peers. The project is expected to have a considerable impact on the development of the volunteers’ key competences and their personal growth. The volunteers will especially develop their language and communication competences, improve their cultural awareness, ability of learning to learn and improve their digital competences, while supporting the IYNF Secretariat with photo and movie editing, social media management and writing online articles or blogs. While organizing workshops or mini-project in the local environment, they will get a chance to develop their civic competences and enhance their entrepreneurial spirit. We expect the project will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and will improve their chances on the labour market. Their learning process will be personalized and its effectivness will be assured by the EVS coordinator. The hosting organization will benefit from the presence of the volunteers by enhancing own creative actions and implementation of fresh ideas. The promotion of voluntary activities supported by the EVS volunteers should raise awareness about the e-volunteers network, increase the number of contributers and achieve wider distribution of the outcomes of our projects. We hope that the positive experience of the EVS volunteers involved will be inspirational for other young people in the IYNF network. The sending organizations will enhance the international dimension of their work and the volunteers will help them to gain new international contacts. They will benefit from the new experiences of the volunteers after they return as they are expected to act as multipliers of the newly gained expertise on the national level after they return to their home environments.



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