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Be aware of your POWER!
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project will be organized in Dublin Ireland It will be training activity in youth exchange under KA1. Creativity and entrepreneurship is very crucial for nations. Some factors prevent people to be creative in the lives or they cannot have a chance to show their creativity. According to researhes done, student newspaper has a great effect on creativity and entrepreneurship of youngsters. So, the theme of the project will be on “Creativity and entrepreneurship”. The overall aim of the project is to reveal youngsters' creativity and entrepreneurship by enabling them to recognize their abilities in scientific, art, cultural, social, psychological and hand skill areas and promoting them to develop these skills via publishingstudent newspapers. The concrete objectives of the project are as follows : 1- To promote entrepreneurship of youngsters by giving them active role. 2- To enhance research and inquiry abilities of the youngsters. 3- To create awareness on how news is written and a newspaper is prepared 4- To create awareness of following the agenda and current events. 5- To develop team work ability in youngsters by employing them in different tasks. 6- To increase the cooperation and communication among the institutions which focus on young people in Europe. 7- To exchange opinions about students newspapers which will be created in the future Overall project will last 6 months in total. Training activity in Dublin will last 7 days. Participants of the activity are from youth related organizations who works for youngsters. In total the event will host 33 participants. 1 support staff and 1 trainer will come from Turkish partner, 1 expert and 1 support staff will come from koordinator organization. Activities which will take place: NGO fair, Cultural night, field visit, orientation activities, lecturing about student newspaper, news and youth projects, discussion on social media and internet newspaper, writing news, analyzing a sample event, presentation of best practices, photojournalism, working on page layout of the newspaper, working on page layout of news web site, creating own newpaper and evaluation activities. Methods which will be used: Lectures, orientation meeting, group dynamic games, , ice breakers and warmers, brainstorming, group discussions and bilateral discussions, practical training, case study, fieldworks, group presentations, workshop, , individual work, newspaper development techniques (brainstorming, problem analysis techniques, W-H questions, activity and strentgh analysis). Impact and results: Entrepreneurship and creativity of youngsters will be promoted Participants will learn how to make research and they will develop inquiry ability and they will learn how a students newspaper is prepared. They will have awareness about following current events. This will help them to be more active in their lives. They will develop team work ability and cooperation among the organizations through Europea will develop. Cultural awareness will increase not only at participants but also local people. Long term benefit: This project will contribute to create strong cooperation among the partners in all areas.



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