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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

1. context / background of the project- the context of the project is the town of Marineo. Located in the hinterland of the province of Palermo, Marineo is surrounded by nature. Just less than a year, our association has started a partnership with the municipality. Objectively we did not expect such a great success. In fact we made in Marineo different projects and not only the administration, but also the citizens said they were excited about the fact that young people from all over Europe are resident in their country. The level of interaction between local youth and the participants is in fact a very high and also the participants of previous projects said they were happy to play just Marineo exchange. 2. project- objectives of this project is designed to analyze two very important issues: the injury and status of units from different EU member understood as the level of solidarity and cooperation. The goals are to break down prejudices between the various peoples of Europe passing through their youth participating in this and other projects. Also we analyze why the process of unity between countries is proceeding inexorably but with different problems. There is only one economic inequality or is there more? This project aims to increase awareness, the "European spirit" and "especially active citizenship". EU citizens have a great power that is to be able to speak freely on subjects as disparate trying to change things from the bottom. It is very important that young people become aware of this powerful opportunity and talk about it even to their friends and family. Change is possible, and just want to take action. 3. number and profile of participants-to carry out this project, the number of participants is 25, five young to each of the five countries provided for exchange. Their age is between 18 and 25 years but the associations can also lead minors, but only if they are provided with parental consent and a tutor. The project is open to all types of young without any kind of exclusion linked to physical problems, engines, religious, social, cultural, racial, political or ethnic. To ensure gender equality you will be asked to associations referrers to create mixed groups with equal number of boys and girls. 4. a description of the activity-activity that we will develop are many: energizer morning; activities extrapolated from manual compass and captan's log; films and documentaries on a theme; panel discussions on film and viewed documentaries; city ​​game; non-formal activities using the Socratic method of "creative laboratory"; Intercultural Night, Palermo by Night; guided tours in the city of Palermo. Each of these activities is designed and built in order to produce understanding, reflection and proper course of action among the participants, all developed in an atmosphere of non-formal and the more quiet and relaxed as possible in line with the directives Recommend us by the European Commission. 5. brief description of the results and of the 'expected impact - We will analyze all the main causes of the economic crisis, migrations, unequal treatment and aid between the EU countries, nationalism and growing Euro-skepticism. But we will not analyze the problems and just, our goal is to break down preconceptions and prejudices, to break down nationalism harbingers of doom to promote intercultural, the spirit of Europe and active citizenship. The ultimate impact expected to be a greater awareness of citizenship which will result in an active participation in their communities in order to disseminate the Union's fundamental values ​​that are dear to our association Democracy, Equality, Respect for Human and Civil Rights of every individual regardless of sexual orientation, political, cultural and so on. 6. potential benefits long termine- the end of the project young people will return to their countries carrying with them what they have learned. If we have done a good job and if they have fully understood the message of solidarity, integration, respect and friendship that we wanted to tell him you will have such issues affecting the people close to them. In fact, a person aware that he understood the interpersonal dynamics and the message of equality and democracy exactly the European Commission will turn to relatives, friends, acquaintances and local institutions for end up discrimination and prejudice. In this way, from the bottom, we build the Europe we all want to which all are aiming for, a space of civilization, democracy and integration at all levels.



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