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Date du début: 31 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 29 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The ERRC is a leading Maltese charity in emergency response, first aid, health and safety educational programs, water rescue and international relief and development. There are 100 volunteers, who support the first aid and emergency services at public events, which can include attending football matches, athletic events, horse shows, fundraising events such as fun runs and Christmas markets. Another 25 volunteers are involved with water rescue related activities at Comino and other popular beaches.The ERRC plans to host several volunteers from Belgium, Ukraine, and Spain in the next 13 months. The activities will be as flexible as possible and will be discussed and planned with the volunteers. Sufficient free time will be given and the participation in local cultural and recreational activities encouraged. Normally, the volunteers will be assisting other experienced volunteers by performing and assisting the organisation in the following:- Helping in the administration;- Organise and create some educational sessions at schools teaching the importance of safety to children, or other youth sessions;- Assist during first aid services;- Assist during the lifeguarding season;- Assist in the provision of training to the general public or specific target groups;- Offer logistical support during training being offered to the public;- Help in the maintenance of equipment;- Give a hand in fund raising activities for ERRC to raise money and awareness on the organisation and its' purpose;- Assist in drafting ERRC's short and long term plans;- Assist ERRC in media related commitments;- Engage in physical activity and training;- Learn a foreign language.All activities will be carried out under supervision of the ERRC voluntary coordinator. EVS volunteers will also be encouraged to undertake induction training and other training as needed. The training will be offered free of charge. The volunteers will be expected to do a minimum of 38 hours of voluntary activities per week throughout the duration of their stay. These will be on a 5 day basis between Monday and Friday. Occasionally the need may arise for volunteers to participate in voluntary fund raising activity during weekend and lifeguarding sessions during summer. Volunteers will be encouraged to learn about the Maltese / Gozitan culture and will be informed of social activities such as local village feasts and other cultural events so that they will also be able to meet with EVS students from other organisations. On various occasions the volunteer will have the opportunity to visit other places/schools around the island which are related in activities and are connected to ERRC work Volunteers will have the opportunity to engage with people from other countries.In a nutshell it is expected that this experience will have an impact on:- the knowledge on a different culture including the Maltese and/or English languages;- communication skills especially with the wider public;- interaction with visitors and volunteers from the local community and people from all walks of life;- human resource management skills;- learning to take own initiative;- administration, time management and organisation skills;- computing skills including website management and media related affairs;- improvement of first aid and rescue skills;- specific skills such as how to organise training courses and awareness campaigns;- handling and maintaining specific equipment;- adopt skills on how to raise money for the organisation;- adopting proactive approach to healthy behaviours and physical activities.In the long term, it is expected that we will continue to work together as organisations and work on similar projects in the future thus further strengthening the international dimension of the organisations and consolidate our experience and knowledge on handling EVS volunteers. The volunteers at ERRC will also be given the opportunity to work together with other youths and share together their experience and knowledge. Ultimately, the youths themselves will benefit in the long term as they will be exposed to several key competences and skills which will be beneficial to both their personal and professional development.



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