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Бъди лидер, поеми инициативата
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 1 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The such designed project would gather 30 youth workers, leaders and representatives of 12 NGOs from 11 different program countries. The main aim of this International training course on leadership and pro-active civil society attitude is to equip the participants with competences in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship. Trough the working process the learners would develop practical skills of working with groups and handling group process, public speaking, youth project management, negotiation. The course aims to develop entrepreneurial leadership qualities of participants as important aspect to be brought on the job market. The project proposes also to foster the active involvement of young people in society and inspire them to act as multipliers of the gained knowledge in their local communities. Objectives  To develop a common understanding of the concept of leadership and explore instruments for its promotion among groups of young people in civil society  To develop the participants’ understanding of the key principles of leadership and how to apply them  To promote entrepreneurial leadership among the young people  To encourage exchange of good practices related to innovative youth projects  To improve participants’ skills in project-management related to youth projects  To propose new tools, approaches and to identify ways to further develop youth entrepreneurship in Europe  To empower young leaders to act as multipliers of the gained competences in their local communities The program of the course would be based on non formal education, intercultural dialogue and communication and would be conducted trough an interactive and participative approach in order to achieve the course objectives. "Be a leader, Take the initiative" International training course will be facilitated using various interesting workshop methods (presentations, discussions, work in groups, buzz groups etc...) as well as innovative ones. The training course will stimulate creativity, active participation, and sense of initiative and involvement of the young people in society. It is all about creating not only a friendly and interesting learning space but to enhance the result of learning process which will bring high quality of projects led by participants in the future, bigger self-awareness and awareness of the needs and goals of the groups they work with. Participants' prior experiences in youth work, particularly at local and regional level, are important and would be used in the development of the learning process. Active group/team work, role-plays, outdoor activities and plenary discussions, as well as theoretical inputs will characterize the program of the course in order to cover all aspects of the project themes. On the basis of their already existing projects in their sending organizations, participants would be invited to share good practices, to exchange useful information, to work intensively on their existing projects and to improve their project management skills in regards to youth projects.



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