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Battery and superCapacitor ChARActerization and testing (BACCARA)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The present project aims at improving the performance of LiB and supercapacitors. This step requires a deep understanding of interfaces and interphases evolution within the electrode in cycling in order to control and improve their properties as addressed by the Topic ENERGY.2013.7.3.3We propose in this project to create a network of multiprobe characterization techniques in order to investigate these interfaces and their behavior through in situ/in operando methods. The goal is to control and then optimize the negative electrode/electrolyte interface (active material morphology and functionalization, electrode formulation, electrolyte formulation) by investigating structural, chemical and morphological changes during electrochemical cyclability. As stated in the call’s title “Understanding interfaces in secondary batteries and super-capacitors through in situ methods”, a deep insight in the process will be gained through a network of classical and advanced techniques of characterization including large scale instruments (synchrotron and neutron beam) to investigate the electrodes at molecular and atomic scale cross with a series of operando studies on model systems coupled with numerical simulations. The new data collected therein will lead us to propose enhancement strategies, which will be tested for performance and security, searching for “the fundamental basis for the next innovative generation of large electrical energy storage devices” (grid-scale).Since the project aims to improve interfacial and accompanying transport behaviour, we do not propose major efforts to develop new materials and we will focus on Silicon nanopowders and graphene as active or additive materials."



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