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Barbarians: The Last of the Pink Panthers
Date du début: 28 août 2013, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Barbarians - the Last of the Pink Panthers is the story about how a failed heist starts the dominoes falling and reveals the new face of criminality in contemporary Europe. This is a story of how a set of stolen diamonds link weapons trafficking to financial scheming, gangsters to banksters. The trail of those diamonds leads Milan, Naomi and Khalil into a fatal conflict, to a world turned upside down, to heads rolling in London and Brussels, to financial markets teetering on the edge and to war on the streets. Barbarians is not simply another story of the rise to fame of a new criminal mastermind or a series of white-knuckle jewellery heists - though these might both have their place in the story. We think there is a bigger story here about old Europe and new Europe, old alliances and new terrifying freedoms - a story that is at once personal, visceral but which touches us all. The barbarians are no longer at the gate, they are everywhere and of our own creating. In a new world where white and black markets have become one, to be a “barbarian” no longer has any meaning: we are all Barbarians.



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