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BALtics - BALcan connection for excellence / BALtijas - BALkānu sadarbība izaugsmei
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project allows students of the high schools that are partners to participate in a much needed training period in a experienced and well know hotel, where they will have the possibility to get much needed practice from a proper working environment. The partner schools do organise this kind of practical assignments for their students but they have been considering the possibility to expand their cooperation with partners from abroad and give a strong international dimension - thus we organized this project. We will be sending our students to the Hotel Drim in Struga, Macedonia which is located at the Ohrid Lake and is in the wider Ohrid area which is a famous touristic and historic destination in the Balkan region. Our students will have the possibility to get an important and needed experience in working and living abroad, communicating and cooperating with different cultures and languages as well as presenting Latvia and Latvian people as professional and open-minded. More concretely, our projects includes 32 participants in total, out of which 27 are students and 5 are accompanying staff - teachers of the partner schools as well as staff from the applicant organisation which will support, mentor and monitor the students along with the staff of the hotel in Macedonia. During the work that will be done we will use open and inclusive approach with interactive methodology that will allow for each of the students to take part in all of the envisaged activities.



4 Participants partenaires