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Baltic Organisation and Network of Innovation Transfer Associations (BONITA)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2008, Date de fin: 23 janv. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The successful transfer of scientific knowledge into practice is an important building block to establish European Regions of Innovation. To become a high-tech region, it needs an active commitment of universities and a clear understanding that science and regional development can’t be separated. As long as “transfer” is only a responsibility for political or service oriented organisations scientists will perceive transfer as something additional – coming from “above” and conflicting somehow with the more science oriented goals. This will hinder the SMEs in the regions to exploit the full potential in cooperating with their universities. We are aware of ambitious aims and present a strong group of partners dedicated to regional transfer of technology and connect them to an organisation inside the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). We cover the entire economic cooperation area of mobile IT-applications; in most regions with public-science twins. Most of the partnership has previously worked together with success. BONITA not only benchmarks and pilot-implements a mechanism of transfers patterns, it establishes new or develop existing ones. This way, the project has a clear target in operating theses models and making them alive. From a European perspective BONITA provides a unique opportunity within the BSR to align individual regional oriented research and development activities and to form an operative body targeted to sustain partnership. This provides the important base for a continuous dialog between politics, industry, SMEs and Universities and will be a straight forward approach for a substantial transnational cooperation for innovation within the BSR. The concept to establish several showrooms inside the eight partner regions is a central element in sharing innovation experiences. These showrooms are a “window” to scientific innovation and will transform abstract research to understandable demonstrators. Some partners in the consortium already have made good experiences with these kind of activities. They force science and politics to consider a strong customer orientation of new technologies and hence leads to economic development of edge technology providers. Besides this BONITA identifies indicators how efforts in the technology transfer process of universities, incubator's etc. enhances innovation in "real business world" settings. This helps to provide measurable arguments on the importance of e.g. governmental investments for the innovation capacity inside a region. Sustainability is ensured by an undertaking founded by the partnership and open to new partners. Achievements: Research cooperation as well as knowledge transfer between public research organizations and industry is insufficiently developed within the European innovation system. To develop the Baltic Sea Region into a high-tech region the available scientific knowledge needs to be successfully transferred into practice. Even though universities are important developers of new technologies and products their innovations often are not transferred for commercialization. This can be explained by lack of facilitating structures and underdeveloped commercial mind sets of academic staff. At the same time vast innovation potential of SMEs is not exploited due to missing resources. BONITA introduced the concept of technology transfer process capability and developed a model that enables the structured analysis of the quality of these processes. It provides the fundament for the improvement of organizations that are active in innovation, knowledge- and technology transfer based on established standards. Main achievements of the BONITA project related are: • Introduction of innoSPICE as an ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) standard based model and implementation of a Special Interest Group (SIG) within the SPICE User Group, the ISO community of the 15504 standard. innoSPICE is a sustainable project result and international implementation has started. • Establishment of the BONITA Transnational Network, an open international cooperation of stakeholders interested to promote new ways of technology transfer; • Implementation of seven exemplary physical showrooms promoting the ICT development capabilities of the participating research institutions. These showrooms will enable marketing of research results towards local industry; • A Virtual Showroom Platform enabling the BONITA Transnational Network to cooperate in dissemination of research results towards possible customers on a European basis.



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