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Baltic Metropolises Innovation Strategy (BaltMet Inno)
Date du début: 2 janv. 2005, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BaltMet Inno Project was initiated by the major cities in the Baltic Sea Region. The project consortium consists of thirteen partner organisations from Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Malmö, Riga, Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. In addition, organisations from Oslo, Warsaw and Vilnius participate in the project as observers. The project was started in the beginning of 2005 and will be finalised by the end of 2007.The project partner cities share a common interest to strengthen their role as active innovation policy makers at local, regional, national and international level. The project consists of five Work Packages. Cities have agreed on the importance of fostering transnational cooperation by the project in selected innovation related themes:1. Innovation strategy development;2. City marketing;3. Cluster development; and4. Innovation competences and entrepreneurial skills.Work Package 5 compiles the work of the other work packages as a general innovation policy framework. Horizontal themes of the project are spatial planning as tool for successful innovation environment development, and coordination and cooperation of polycentric development on local, national and international levels. Achievements: WP 1 (Complementary Innovation Strategies in the Baltic Metropolitan Areas): Local Advisory Boards (LABs) set up in partner city regions; data on regional innovation strategies gathered and analysed; 4 trans-national workshops on regional innovation strategies organised; the complementary innovation strategy framework presented; 6 national seminars organised (Helsinki, Berlin, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, Copenhagen). “Local Innovation Strategy Drafts” produced for Tallinn and Riga. An “innovation strategy manual” produced. Two study reports (on innovation and urban planning and public procurement for innovation) produced. Joint final report with other WPs prepared and published.WP 2 (Community Building and Marketing Strategies): Summary report on existing local marketing strategies in BaltMet Inno partner cities produced based on data collected; local marketing councils set up in Riga and Tallinn; project website planned and launched; document for an innovation-based city marketing strategy framework presented and further elaborated; two trans-national seminars on place marketing organised in Riga. Marketing strategies for Riga and Tallinn elaborated based on the developed framework. Riga Local Marketing Council has made study visits to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. Publishing of a project brochure for disseminating information on main project activities, results and future prospects.WP 3 (Cluster Development): cluster seminar on micro and nanotechnologies organised; regional cluster analysis in partner regions conducted; focus clusters for further work selected; 7 cluster workshops organised and thematic working groups established; a template prepared for benchmarking the quality / success factors of Science Parks. Results and conclusions reported from the Science Park benchmark and handed out to IASP for further discussion. Agreement on potential transferable tools and services achieved. The final WP3 conference organised and the final WP3 report presented.WP 4 (Innovation Competences and Entrepreneurial Skills): kick-off of WP4 organised and results reported; local reports on innovation support structures and programmes related to promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship and summary report produced; local reports on (public) seed / early stage financing and summary report produced; the second workshop for the thematic working groups organized. WP4 report updated including policy recommendations. Thematic working group meeting on entrepreneurship education with regard to creative industries organised in Tallinn 2/07. Content proposal for the joint pilot training program aimed at incubator managers and related experts prepared. Organization and implementation of the transnational training program in Stockholm 5/07. Completion of WP4 final report during milestone 6.WP 5 (Innovation Policy Framework in the BSR): Working group with representatives from each partner metropolis set up and first meeting organised in Copenhagen 3/06; the second meeting in Malmö 4/06; joint meeting with Officials of BaltMet Network organised 6/06; and first draft proposal for the Innovation Policy Framework produced. Furthermore, WP5 meetings in Riga 8/06 and a joint meeting with city officials’ group of the BaltMet network in Tallinn 9/06. Innovation initiatives to be included in the shared innovation policy programme / framework were presented to BaltMet Mayors meeting in Helsinki 10/06. The Policy area priorities selected by Local Advisory Boards in BaltMet Inno cities and by city organisations. Selected policy areas communicated and further developed in workshops in Stockholm 2/07 and St. Petersburg 6/07. Draft for the policy framework was discussed in the WP5 meeting in Copenhagen 8/07 and the final framework presented to mayors at their meeting in Tallinn in November 2007.



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